Reflections on Travel

I have decided I am giving up the stable life we lead and beginning a new chapter in our life entitled “The Part Where Kale Sleeps Three Hours” and going from house to house in a nomadic effort to keep the kid asleep. I don’t know what it is about travel that ensures us these three hour naps but seriously, kiddo, I am loving it.

We arrived in Calgary with relatively no troubles – Kale wasn’t too pleased prior to take off and as we approached the Calgary Airport, but he enjoyed the flight enough that the passengers around us did not give us the stinkeye. We did not have to run ashamed from the plane upon arrival. Kale, however, crashed at the end of the flight and so as we arrived in the area where the bagge comes, and we found Jim and Loralie, we were quiet as we said our hello’s.

Nonetheless, here we are. It’s gorgeously sunny and supposedly minus 13 but holy crap it feels like minus a million. My coastal butt doesn’t see weather this chilly, like, ever. This afternoon involves a super secret squirrel craft project and perhaps some more homemade eggnog. What else do you do with the 18 eggs a day the chickens are producing? Oh darn. Another eggnog.

More soon, including photos.

12 years ago

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