Christmas Day Naps

All is quiet here. Ross is reading The Road and my brother is playing with the little solar panel he got as a gift for his weather station. Loralie is getting dressed after finishing preparation for the turkey. Kale and his cousin are both (thankfully) napping. Al and Lorna, my sister in law’s parents, are napping too. I’m pecking away on my sister in law’s netbook (loving it) and on the tube is Empire Strikes Back, because what is Christmas without a bit of Star Wars. All that is missing is another batch of fresh homemade eggnog, and I’m thinking I’m going to head outside in a bit to hang out with the chickens and horses and come back with some eggs.

I love the post brunch hours on Christmas Day. So peaceful.

12 years ago

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  1. Kevin and the kids drove my parents home this afternoon, and I got to have A TWO AND A HALF HOUR NAP.

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