2009, I Hardly Knew Ye

I was catching up on my blogs and reading the many Year In Review posts and was sort of thinking the same as Clara at the Cheeseblog about how I kind of don’t really like them either, but then again, looking back, I participate in them and look forward to reading all of the Y-I-R of my internet friends, so, go figure. This year the only thing I really have to say is holy crap is this year over? I’m not really going to review this year – I mean, if you’ve been reading then you kind of know that my life is more or less Kale work Kale work Kale Ross work Kale Ross fun Kale Ross work pretty much all the time, but I really have enjoyed living la vida loca this year, and I’ve made a few resolutions to try and enjoy 2010 more. I’ve got some goals too – I want us to buy a house, I want to host Christmas next year at said house, I want to pretend the Olympics don’t exist and maybe get out of the city when they occur, I want to try and find a different job other than my data entry night job that is sucking my dang life away from me – but those are just some goals that I had as of three weeks ago – heck, three months ago.  So, what did I resolve to do in 2009 this time last year?

I’d like to come up with a way to ensure I don’t have to go back to work. – well, I accomplished this one but still feel like I need to tweak it. I haven’t gone back to work full time but I’m tired all the time. A-.

I want to work on being a more demonstrative person. – maybe? I’m not totally sure. I don’t care anymore when people see me doing anything – whether it’s hugging or kissing or dancing silly with Kale. I still don’t think I am demonstrative enough with Ross. B+

I want to learn patience. I’m not dead and either is Kale or Ross. So, WIN.  A.

I want to be the best mom and best wife I am capable of being. Best mom? – yes. Best wife? – I could have done better. Needs more work. B+.

I am going to shoot to take 2 or 3 classes in something I have never done before. I took one class, so I don’t think I did this one. C-.

I will send a birthday card to as many of my loved ones as possible, on time. I started off so good on this one. Then started to falter. I’d say I hit about 78%. What’s that, a C+?

I want to break out my old SLR, and aim to shoot off 1 roll of real honest-to-goodness film every month. FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. I don’t even know where my old SLR is, let alone have I busted it out. F.

So what about 2010?

I want to get rid of the jiggle. I’m not about to embark on some sort of crazy exercise program here, but I need to get rid of the jiggly middle. My son’s growth inside me has left the outside of me, especially my belly, flappy, saggy, and covered in stretch marks. While I’m happier with my weight than I’ve ever been, I’m secretly hoping that one day in the next year I might actually think about playing recreational soccer again, and there is no stinking way that I’m going to do without getting rid of the jiggle because it’s like an anchor full of jello at this point. I also find the jiggle makes fitting pants difficult and unhappy making, and so I want to get rid of it and to do that means making time in my ridiculously busy schedule for cardio. Walking a million miles with Kale is not going to do it – this jiggle needs cardio to be gone and so I’m committing to figuring it out somehow.

I seriously have got to stop cursing. I don’t understand how I can do it on my personal blog and yet can’t seem to stop swearing a blue streak in real life. I’m actually starting to think that I have a bit of a problem with it. So, what’s the first step? Admitting you have a problem. Okay, you got me, I have a problem. Can we resolve this once and for all?

I really want to try and let things go. Short anecdote: we arrived at Calgary Airport yesterday and started to unload in preparation for our flight home. I went to grab a cart and there were two young guys standing in front of the row of baggage carts, so I said “Excuse me,” and grabbed a cart. One of them called me a not particularly nice word (in fact, sort of the penultimate not very nice word that rhymes with shunt, if you know what I mean) and I turned around and was like “Pardon me?” and then next thing I know I’m getting yelled at for apparently saying excuse me in a rude way. Well, Happy New Year to you too, young buck. It bugged me, this incident, as we checked in, checked our baggage (4 suitcases and a car seat), stood in line for about 35 minutes for security (whee! fun!) and walked to the departure gate. I couldn’t get it off my mind as we waited to board, boarded, took off, and it bugged me all the way to Abbotsford. In Abbotsford, as we were watching the endless sea of baggage go round and round and round, an item started to fall off the carousel, and the guy beside me reached down and grabbed it without saying a word before it hit the ground and I said “Nice snag,” without thinking and looked up and there was my friend from outside Calgary Airport. And he didn’t recognize me one little bit, having obviously let my apparent rudeness go probably immediately after calling me a not particularly nice word that rhymes with shunt. It now bugs me that it bugs me, and I should just let it all freaking go. So that’s my final resolution – let things go. They’re not worth it most of the time, I can’t change it part of the time, and it is what it is all of the time.

Tonight we’re headed over to friends’ for a few drinks and merry making. This weekend we are finishing the painting and getting our place ready to list. I’ve had a wonderful holiday season (pictures soon, I swear!) and hope all of you have, too. Happy New Year, internet friends and family. May all your goals and resolutions be simple to enact, and may you be blessed with time to do what you love.

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  1. re: the jiggle, I’m taking the money I might otherwise spend on disappointing pants and buying a month’s pass for the community centre instead. they have a different cardio class every night of the week.

    at the end of a month – will re-evaluate.

    Happy new year to you & yours!

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