Kale’s New Year’s Resolution was to get a haircut. Or at least, that’s what Ross suggested, and I begrudgingly went along. I’m surprised that it filled me with a sense of sadness when they came home from the barber shop, both of them sporting fresh clean haircuts. He’s officially a little boy now, not a baby. I didn’t think ahead to ask Ross to save me a little piece of hair, so for now, pictures of his fuzzy rat’s nest / clean look will have to do.

From Kale 1 Year to 18 months
From Kale 1 Year to 18 months

I’m also having some love / hate moments with my hair. As some of you know, I signed up to shave my head for the Terry Fox Foundation if I reached my goal of $5000 by the end of 2009. I didn’t reach the goal – I did raise over $600 for the Foundation so I still consider it a success. However, now I need to address the hair I’d been growing out in preparation of a shaving. As in, now I can’t avoid it anymore and need to get a new hair style.

Since having a kid, my hair is curlier, coarser, and significantly greyer. It goes extremely frizzy in damp weather, and looks greasy quickly. All my tried and true styling products don’t cut it, and I can’t afford to try three thousand new ones to find something that works. I’ve been feeling for a while now that it might be time to – gasp – cut it all off. If I can’t donate more funds to Terry Fox Foundation, I can at least donate my hair to an organization that makes wigs for people with cancer. I’d consider donating to the organization that makes wigs for children going through various illnesses, but um… they don’t accept any grey and let’s just say there’s some greys in there.

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had really short hair if I did follow through and cut it all off. When I first moved to Vancouver I had a bleached blonde pixie cut. Not the most flattering of cuts or colours, but I was in an Edie Sedgewick phase and I thought I looked chic. I also sported this sweet brown bowl cut shortly after high school:

From Blog Pictures

I know, you’re jealous, right? I would be. Poor guy beside me. (Seriously, what’s with that lipstick too? Or the totally unhappy existential expression on my face?)

But I teeter, you know, on this “should I cut it, I shouldn’t cut it” debate, because I fear becoming a member of the Mom Hair Army. I fear that the short haircut will just translate to “I don’t have any time to take care of my hair so I am just cutting it off and hoping for the best”.

But if all I ever do with it is pull it back in a pony tail, what’s the point in long hair?

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  1. Haven’t you noticed pony tails are in. What’s with the Mom Hair Army. I take offense at that lol. I showed the girls at work his new haircut and they said the same thing
    Aaawwww. He’s not a baby anymore. So sad but at least they won’t confuse him for a girl tee hee.

  2. I have the same (dare I say) existential debate every couple months.
    But Consider this; short hair = More frequent trips to hairdresser to have it trimmed/shaped/messed with.
    = more moola.

    Long hair, buy some interesting hair dingles and clips at the dollar store.

    You can always do the bang/long bang change…

  3. It’s true what karina says, I used to get my long hair cut every 2 years. Or cut it myself. Now that it’s shorter, it’s a haircut every two months. But I agree with you that if it’s just back in a pony tail all the time, why not get rid & start over. I did that last year right around this time. It’s a good feeling. You can grow back. MOM ARMY WANTS YOU.

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