Creature of Habit in Stocking Feet

I am a creature of habit, I am.  I like the same things. When we go out for sushi, I order the same stuff every time because I know what it’s going to taste like and I know what to expect. I dislike surprises. I like the same stuff – a certain brand of hair elastic, for example, or I only like Red Rose orange pekoe tea even though Safeway offers its own no-name brand for like, half the price. Why? Because that’s what I’ve always had.

It’s the same with clothing. If I find a brand I like, I try and stick with it. I’ve had a few weird realizations lately though – I have never found a brand of jeans I like, for example. I’ve flitted back and forth with multiple brands – cheap and expensive alike – and I’ve never, ever been happy. For a daily staple of my wardrobe, don’t you think I would have found that perfect pair by now? I feel like there is some magical brand of jean out there that I should know about. Some brand that doesn’t sag, and doesn’t loose it’s shape and looks good on me, and comes in a petite length and, most importantly, DOES NOT ROLL UNDER THE MOM POOCH BELLY.

Funny story. Clara over at the Cheeseblog talks about how she went to Reitmans and was sorely disappointed to discover their new style of pant – called Comfort Fit. I have the exact opposite reaction. I was like “OMG Maternity Pants for non pregnant people, HALLELUJAH.”. In fact, I was so excited I texted my friend Krissy and she was like “dood, I already own two pairs” and I even showed them off to my mom and my sister in law.  I too, agree, Clara, that I don’t get why there are no front pockets – it’s the stuff you put in pockets that add bulk, not the pockets themselves, and my maternity pants all had front pockets so WTF Reitmans? I bought a pair of these here jeans, and I just wish I bought more because I lerve these pants and I can only wear them for so many days in a row without them needing a wash so some days I need something else.They are like jean yoga pants. Which, come to think of it, is 100% pure, unadulterated WIN.

Anyway, take socks. I have long loved Wigwam socks. This is the particular sock I like – the Merino Light Hiker. It’s comfortable, washes well, lasts a long time, and, most importantly, fits snugly. I wear a size 6 women’s shoe. I have a fairly narrow foot as well. I can’t stand socks that my foot swims around in and it drives me crazy when the heel of a sock is half way up the back of my leg.  The Wigwam Merino Light Hiker has done me well, and I have worn my way through about 4 pairs in the last 5 years or so.

So, we were at Bass Pro during our Christmas holidays, which is located not far from Balzac, Alberta (snicker, snicker – I am such a child) . Bass Pro is Mecca to the outdoor enthusiast. Bass Pro hasn’t made it’s way over here to the West Coast, probably because all the tree huggers here would freak the heck out and drop their lattes when they saw hunting (as in hunting for animals) gear. Besides, MEC appears to have the outdoor world more or less monopolized here, despite continuing to only sell to skinny women  because their sizing and brands indicates that women larger than a size 10 (namely, ME) don’t exercise, WTF MEC?. Woo, okay, calm down, Jen. I’ve heard lots about Bass Pro from my outdoor enthusiast brother and sister in law and it was an actual event when we spent the afternoon there, that we planned for and everything. Wow, seriously – the dollar value on the fixtures alone boggles my mind – there is a huge fish tank and a shooting gallery and like, a million mounted dead things, and ATVs and, well, just wow.

Anyway, so there we are. I see this display full of socks. It has a sign saying LIFETIME GUARANTEE. I am intrigued because although I love me some Wigwams, I do wear them out and I am cheap. The advertised socks were not, as the website suggests, 9.99 – they were $12.99 in the store because we are in Canada and despite the dollar being more or less at par for the past two years, American online retailers haven’t quite figured that out yet and continue to overprice when it comes to their Canadian customers and charge too much in shipping anyway. But still. $12.99 for LIFETIME GUARANTEED socks is still a good deal. The package tells me they are designed specifically for women and Ross and I hunt for two pairs of the SMALL size, which is good for those of us in the 5-9 range of footwear.

Or so they would have you believe.

These socks are a fail. Sigh. My feet swim in these socks. And my feet are ALWAYS cold. It’s like I have just bought myself two pairs of fabric bags of ice.

This is why I am a creature of habit. This is why I don’t like to order off the menu, or stray outside the box. This is why I like being a creature of habit. Ross teases me about how I always order the same thing, or how I always select the same thing… but this is why. Now I have two pairs of LIFETIME GUARANTEED socks that are too big and make my feet cold and I feel let down by the new sock gods.

This weekend at the market, we have a new vendor coming, and she makes and sells mineral makeup for sensitive skinned folks and I am hesitantly interested in trying it because a) even though I don’t wear anything more than lip balm on a daily basis, sometimes I do want to put on a little makeup and b) all makeup I have tried to date = unhappy skin and lasting unhappiness. So even though I have been burned by the sock gods, I cannot believe I am considering straying outside my happy little bubble and TRYING SOMETHING ELSE NEW. My skin might as well burn and fall off right now.

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  1. I have those Reitmans pants too! I have mixed feelings about them though. They are great as long as I don’t move, but as soon as I sit down they slide down my waist and – voila! The pooch! Even so, they are comfy. Oddly, the corduroys in the same style do have front pockets. It’s just the jeans that don’t.

  2. Exactly, they are unreliable for keeping the pooch restrained. Sometimes high-rise, sometimes low-rise and no belt option. And psychologically, when I look at my profile in elastic-banded trousers that make me look 3 months pregnant (20 months post partum!)…I don’t feel so good about myself.

    Sorry about your sock luck.

    Full agreement re: red rose tea, though. Once I bought a cheap box of no name brand and 2 years later had to throw it away..had to use 3 bags to get the same strength as one red rose!

  3. I have to get a pair of those jeans too. Oprah, (who I never watch, honest, I just flicked on the TV after work and was about to turn the channel) was talking about these jeans the other day and had some wife of football star designer on. I think these are the ones you are talking about. Same theory though, about how they fit wonderful and fit any shape of women. Says there is something in this months “O” magazine if anyone reads that maybe you can check it out, anyway I found it interesting.

  4. I hate the comfort fit at Reitmans.
    I shop there cos they offer a plus petite section at a resonable price.

    Once they brought in the comfort fit pants, and no longer carried regular zipper/button pants, I stopped shopping there, along with many others I imagine.

    They’ve recently brought back regular pants and the comfort fit are now not the majority.

    Love the new look Jen.

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