Cutting Off My Hair For Someone Who Needs It More Than I

As I mentioned, I was willing to shave my head if I raised $5000 for the Terry Fox Foundation. I didn’t reach my goal, so I started looking for other things I could do with my hair. I found out that there are many organizations that will take your hair and make a wig for children going through illness, or for cancer patients. Because I have some grey, I wasn’t eligible to donate for kids’ wigs, so instead I opted to donate the the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. It allows up to 5% grey, and hair must be at least 8 inches.

I’ll admit freely that doing this was simply a convenient excuse to cut all my hair off, start fresh, and join the Mom Hair Army. I’ll never have less grey than I have now and probably won’t be eligible to do this again, and so… why not?

Here we go! Before:

Here’s my hair, all ready for shipping to the wig place:

And…. voila!

It’s shorter than I expected, but I don’t mind. But we had to go that short in order to get the full 8 inches from all of my hair, and there wasn’t much point in going halfway. My hair grows fast and It’s kind of fun to have hair this short for the first time in a long time.

12 years ago


  1. So very Proud of you!

    I say GO SHORTER!
    Get a pixie cut, you have great bone structor and could pull it off.

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