Daydreaming About Open Spaces

I’ve spent a lot of time wishing and hoping and daydreaming about our house, the house, the one that we will buy and move into sometime this year. I’ve been thinking about how to use the as-of-yet unknown spaces, things I want to implement (Mama’s Time Out Room Keep Out Boys Are Stupid), things I might be able to do (have my sewing machine out AND eat off the table AT THE SAME TIME), the space, oh the space we will have. I’m positively drunk with ideas.

Our place hits the market sometime in the next two weeks or so, just a few loose ends to tie up and we want to do things up right, which means getting the photographer in here BEFORE our place is on the market, because I know from personal experience that houses that don’t have any, or only one photo are generally the ones I don’t give a second glance. Because in my mind I”m all “so what are you hiding by not adding photos because seriously who doesn’t have a digital camera these days, right?”.

Back in the early days of Kale the walls were oh so small some days because they felt like a prison wardened by a wee tiny sadistic jerk whose only job was to make my life as challenging as possible. I kid. (Sort of). Now they feel oh so small because Kale thinks that RUNNING is the only acceptable way to get anywhere and when you run in a small space, what tends to happen? Yes, you tend to run into the walls. Which equals Unhappy Toddler. And while we do go outside frequently and I’m all for running around in the wide open space that is The Park, I still wouldn’t mind being able to sit down at the table without a toy on the table, another (usually sharp) toy under my feet, and yet another one on the chair, which I generally only discover as I’m sitting on it.

Anyway, we spent the weekend packing up the things we store in our closets (admittedly, there is a lot) but the irony doesn’t escape me that we are paying to store, somewhere else, the stuff we normally put in, you know, the already existing storage places in our home. But people have a hard time taking away things, so it’s important that our closets and storage lockers are as empty as possible.

It was horribly rainy and windy this morning, and now the sun has come out, so we are off to The Park to run around and get our beans out while we can. Mooki prefers to sit in a sunbeam on a nice, plushy bed.

From Mooki
12 years ago


  1. Good luck with the house listing and the corresponding new purchase! I know how stressful the whole process is…so if you need anything, please let me know. 🙂

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