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I am hardly the word of fashion. My daily uniform consists of Addidas all terrain type shoes, a pair of regular rise boot cut jeans, wool socks, and some sort of cotton based t shirt. For fun, I wear a fleece lightweight jacket. Fashionista, I am not. I don’t really want to be – there are much better places for me to put my money. It’s taken me years, but I’m finally learning that it’s perfectly okay to spend a good deal of money on a quality item that will give you longevity in terms of fashion and also in terms of years. Like, say, a wool pea coat in navy. Or high end leather boots that fit well and perform multiple functions. I have yet to find that elusive pair of jeans, which infuriates me.

Anyway, I tell you all this and now I am going to say this: I have a fashion prediction: dark denim is dying. And I’ll tell you why. But first, remember when acid wash was cool?

I think I had this outfit

 What you can’t see in that photo is the white scrunch socks, shoelace-less Keds, and giant skank purse. And while I had that outfit (although my jacket featured LACE and not TASSLES), I was never as cool as this chick is, right here. (Image courtesy of But I remember before my mom finally caved and bought me acid wash jeans (right before they because uncool, thus proving I’m always at the end of a fashion DO), we took a pair of my faithful Levi Button Fly 501 jeans and attempted to make our own stylish acid wash jeans, complete with artful tears on the knees, the button fly flap removed, and the edges of all pockets scuffed with scissors. They turned out blotchy because we used bleach, and not acid, and I think they became shorts pretty quickly. The term these days is “reconstructed” which is just a totally 00’s way to say “took something I owned and D-I-Y-ed it in my bathroom to make it cooler”.

Anyway, the old faithful Levi’s 501 Button Fly jean, straight leg (pinch rolled, of course) was my go-to jeans in the 80s and it came in this sort of medium blue “stonewash” rinse. I don’t have that go-to jean anymore. I haven’t found anything that fits me nicely, hides what I want hidden etc. And so now I buy whatever the latest advertised “Jeans For Real Women” is, and wear them until they wear out and then try the next pair of “Jeans for Real Women”.

And so today, on a family outing to Superstore  (you know, the veritable mecca of fashion these days and seriously, do kids really go through shoes this often WTF) what did I spy? Medium blue stonewash jeans, as far as the eye can see. And since the average person shops at Old Navy, Superstore, and Walmart for their everyday clothes, and not, as magazines would have us all believe, at tiny little boutiques that sell exclusive designer labels, I say that this is the new trend. That medium blue stonewash is coming back. Mark my words – dark denim is going the way of the dodo.

12 years ago


  1. Oh lord I hope not. I never looked good in stonewash or acidwash or whatever. I LOVE dark jeans. (I even loved black jeans back when they were cool, oh, the early 90’s or so.)

    There’s something else that has to happen before a trend catches on – 1) it has to be presented in a way that dovetails with an existing trend, so people can see the new element demonstrated, and 2) a trend-setter or early adopter must be publicly seen to rock said trend.

    I haven’t seen that yet… who knows, they kept saying shoulder pads would come back but that seems to be the one ’80’s trend that never made it back to “new again.”

  2. I loved the 80’s. I weighed 110. Looked good in the acid wash and the shoulder pads.

    I do not weigh 110 now. Ha ha. Here’s to the 2000’s.

  3. I think sportcoats and fedoras are coming back in style. Barbershops, safety razors, drinking at work, wearing a tie and using brylcreem, all up-and-coming trends.

    For women… calf length printed dresses with aprons and mid rise pumps (for at home) or pencil skirts and blouses with sleeves (for work). Out on the town? Floor length ball gown, a pearl neclace and a flower in your hair.

    Thats the future or, perhaps I am looking in the wrong direction.

  4. It’s 80’s full on at all the stores. Go to HM, almost all the items are 80’s inspired, right down to the tassel pull string purse and leg warmers.

    They’ve changed it up a bit, but it’s still 80’s and I want to throw each item on the floor and stomp on it until it disappears from the shelves!

    I don’t know if the whole acid wash jean will be a fad but I am certainly hoping it is! I look back at my 80’s photos and cringe…and I definitely don’t want to be doing the same in 10 years time!

  5. The medium-wash fad may come and go, but until Stacy London tells me to stop wearing dark wash Imma go with that advice! Far more flattering on short, curvy ladies like myself. Also boot cut is not the right cut for me – try some straight, wide-ish leg jeans. 🙂

  6. See, I’m with you Michelle. Except ms. London told me to buy riders by Lee that instantly slim you and those jeans are more like the window to Fashion Hell they fit so poorly. All tight where they shouldn’t be, and all lose where they should not. I find wide leg jeans just make me look sloppy. I guess the real problem is that I’m cheap, I’m impatient and don’t like to shop for hours because I feel guilt over spending the time shopping, and I hate having to get pants hemmed -I want to be able to take them home now. Plus it has always pissed me off that places stopped offering free hemming and you have to add another $20 to your purchase price.

  7. Noooooooo! Two-fold: the Superstore jeans are the closest ones to good that I’ve found AND I like dark wash.

    Of course I have seven SEVEN pairs of jeans I don’t wear so I should be disqualified from even caring.

    And now I can’t stop thinking about the damn camel toe. And also grade 10. Grade 10 sucked. Can’t we skip right to grunge?

  8. That camel toe was hitting me in the eye too!

    I totally had the 501s with the pinch roll – or sometimes I would use a safety pin. I also had a pair of acid wash overalls that I loved in grade 5. But I haven’t worn anything but dark denim for years – and I can’t find the perfect pair of jeans either. My last couple pairs were from Superstore (thankfully before the stone wash came back) and after this who knows, I would prefer to wear skirts and tights all the time anyway but it is hard with a small child.

  9. Well, I’ve bit the bullet and I’m getting a custom made pair of jeans done by Indidenim thanks to Tracie sending me a coupon where they are $80 instead of $145. They have unlimited alterations and free shipping worldwide. So here I go. If you want the coupon too, its good today only, so shoot me an email and I’ll send you the link.

  10. Reitmans, Petite Plus section. BootCut jeans. sizes 12-24
    several shades of demin
    No hemming, no fusing.
    Fits in all the right places… just stay away from the ones that look like maternity clothes for the non pregnant women.

    Shoes, jeans, and tampons are just a few things you should never skim on $$.

  11. As long as 80’s HAIR doesn’t come back. Specifically, The BANGS. Sprayed straight up from the forehead.
    ALso The spiral perm.

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