When Good Days Go Bad

Last Wednesday Briana and I and some other local mums planned a toddler fun-fest at Strong Start, a fun program offered through the school system designed for kids under preschool age. Briana and I attempted to coordinate our schedules so that she would board the bus out in the west end where she lives, and I would jaunt merrily up the road and board the same bus as it passed and we would then arrive at Strong Start together. Huzzah! What fun!

I watched the bus whiz pass as I rounded the corner and so I waved as it pulled away.

Some furious texting with Briana and we determined the next bus and so I placated Kale with fruit leather until it arrived. It wasn’t the exact same bus, and that means there was a different route I needed to follow, and I asked the bus driver if he could let me off on Richmond Street. He gave me a lecture about not blocking the empty bus’ aisles with the stroller and then let me off at a street other than Richmond Street and muttered something about heading west. So I did.

And I ended up at Canada Games Pool, with no idea where I was meant to go. I wasn’t even entirely sure the name of the school. I’m a new iPhone user, so some of the tricks I could have used to figure out where I was I didn’t know. But eventually, Briana looked it up, called me back, and got me headed in the right direction.

We arrived just in time for snack time. There was no way I was going to get Kale to sit down and eat a snack after 90 minutes strapped into the stroller, so we played quietly in the corner by ourselves. Afterward, they Strong Start participants head over to the gymnasium, and I would say that was the best part of our day.

I left after that – the next part of the program is circle time and Kale hates circle time still, and so after 45 minutes at Strong Start, after 90 minutes of getting there, we went home. The bus driver on the way back wasn’t much more pleasant – he barked at me for not saying “Stroller Coming Off” when I left the bus.

It’s days like this that make me think about how easy it is to become a hermit when you’re a stay at home mom. How easy it is to cocoon yourself in your own little nest and never leave. How easy it is to just say “forgetaboutit.”

But you know, I just have to keep going. It’s not that big of a deal. Remember that New Year’s Resolution to just Let It Go.

* * * * *

Our house is officially on the market. If you know anyone looking for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom ground level single level townhouse with an awesome fenced patio, shoot me an email.

12 years ago


  1. I TOTALLY hear you. NOTHING is ‘easy’ anymore- every outing is an epic adventure.
    But my friend, THIS TO SHALL PASS.

  2. I’m glad you persevered because it was nice to meet you, even for a short period of time!
    I really wish that transit was more stroller friendly. There comes a time when you just can’t cart your kids around anymore because they’re too big, but they’re too little to make longer distances on their own steam. It depends on the driver, but most I’ve seen just look irritated at the inconvenience of having to deal with someone with a stroller.
    p.s., I LOVE the background on this page…gorgeous!

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