Doors Wide Open

Our house is officially on the market, it shows on the public and realtor listing sites, as well as our realtor’s personal site. We had the first showing today, and I was inexplicably nervous. There is another scheduled for tomorrow, and a third for Sunday. It’s unlikely that the first people to see it will buy it, but, as they say “it only takes one”. I’m worried we won’t find a place to buy ourselves and so we’ll be stuck, accepting someone’s offer, with nowhere to go. I worry we might have to try and find a rental, and if you’ve got pets or kids that’s not easy at the best of times, never mind when you only want to live somewhere short term.

It’s stressful, but I also think to the future when if I want to sew something it isn’t going to be this 45 minute long process just to find my sewing machine and set it up. I think about a YARD. And, space to play play play.

It balances out.

* * * * *

Kale has been pushing my buttons lately. It seems that as his sleep improves  – and it has as he’s sleeping most nights in his own bed almost all night – his less than desirable toddler behaviour has been rearing its ugly head. On more than one occasion I have issued ultimatums he can’t possibly understand, and on more than one occasion I have muttered some choice expletives under my breath after I have said for the ninety thousandth time “THE DOG IS NOT A TOY. PLEASE DISCONTINUE ATTEMPTING TO RIDE MOOKI LIKE A HORSE.”

Kale had a bit of a bad day today – Bonnie pushed him out of her way and into a dresser, and he banged his ear. Shortly after that, he tripped over me (you know, the one sitting in the exact same position for a few minutes) and banged his head again. And right after Ross got home, we were all goofing off in the bedroom and he went, as they say, ass over teakettle off the bed and landed like a lump.

Ross and Kale are at swimming and so right after I hit “publish” on this post, I’m going to lace up my runners and go for a run for the first time in about 2 years. I think my stress levels need some good hard exercise to help take them down a notch or two – not only has the house selling / buying got me all jangled up, but this delightful, expected toddler behaviour is just so dang irritating.  I don’t want to bark at Kale any more than I already do, and I think sweating it out is the right thing to do. I see glimpses of a me I’m not particularly fond of, and it needs addressing.

Before I go – if you haven’t seen this freakin’ adorable picture on my Facebook page, here it is.

12 years ago