Welcome Toddlerhood

For sale:  one pretty good looking toddler, in excellent used condition. Likes to eat crayons, be picked up to “looklooklooklook”, and to wash his hands. Eats well, sleeps pretty good, likes snacks and opening things. Comes with complete starter set – crib, clothes, diapers, dishes, etc. Serious enquiries only. Best offer takes him.

You guys think I’m joking, don’t you? Kale has set his phasers to TODDLER and is not looking back. “Hello, I’d like to beat on your dog, is that all right with you?” Gah. Seriously. I’ve actually sought out some advice from a friend who is a pet trainer to see if she had any tips. Mooki is 10 now, and I worry that Kale is too rough with her, and that another, less tolerant dog who can actually do damage will not accept it. I know the onus is on me to play referee, like a boxing referee I need to be RIGHT THERE to break up the fights before they happen. But I swear to you that Kale waits for me to be busy making lunch, or busy taking a pee, or busy answering the door and ZIP off he goes, opens the door to the room Mooki is sleeping in and attempts to sit on her head.

What’s that? Yeah. I know. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Hopefully without stitches. Mooki is so good and uses appropriate language to tell him she’s not happy – first she yips, then she tries to escape, then she growls, then she attempts to escape again, and then she snaps. She’s never made contact on purpose and I actually half want Mooki to nip him. Kale learned really fast that the fireplace was hot by touching a finger to it one day and now has a very healthy respect for all fireplaces, on or not.

Anyway, this kid has had some sort of vocabulary zoom this past few weeks and now says (not necessarily a complete list, sometimes I forget what he can say): Moo-moo (which is what we call Mooki a lot), Moo, Mooki, Nanoo (banana), grape, bapple (apple), apricot, cucum (ber), mato (tomato), tato (potato), onge (orange), snack, Bonnie, Mama, Daddy, Sucky (his soother, and yes, that’s with a capital S because that thing might as well have it’s own personality), book, truck, car, look (usually looklooklooklooklooklook), wash, brush, sowee (sorry), pees (please), otter (water), milky (milk), bear, monkey, rilla (gorilla), doggie, kittie, puppy, chair, poo, ball, duck, didie (diaper), pants, ock (sock), coat, shoes, boots, moar (more), done, bath, e-yo (pillow), blankie, up, down, hug, kiss, and my absolute heart-melting favorite – nuggle (snuggle).

We’ve been so busy this past few weeks with house showings. We were given an (fairly low) offer on our place this weekend but after a bit of back and forth, we passed as it was simply too low, and because we haven’t found a house we want to buy yet, so we are still not feeling pressured to sell and feel we can wait. Showings are annoying – all of Kale’s toys are packed up in his closet, and so every day we bring out an assortment and everyday we put it all back. On the plus side, our house actually kind of looks like adults live here too, which is kind of nice, but it’s a hassle. Mooki has also selected this month to blow her coat, which translates to daily sweepings and at least vacuuming every second day in order to keep it in the spic and span shape I want it to be in for viewings.

We get lots of compliments on our house, and I’m flattered primarily because it’s mostly all me that has put it together the way it is (with Ross’ input too) and so when I hear how much they like it, I do feel pleased. But also, I think “then show me the money” because really, you don’t invite this many strangers into your house without expecting to have it bought, and it’s annoying to have to leave your house, baby and dog in tow, when it’s raining and cold because someone wants to check it out.

For Valentine’s Day, Ross and I went to the Cannery, which was a great brunch and we ate our fills and drank mimosas while Kale partied with Uncle Erik and Auntie Andrea.

This weekend is also another farmers market, in and amongst all the Olympic shenanigans going on in the Lower Mainland, and so my week feels busy and it’s barely begun.  I’m proud we’ve won the Olympic Hat Trick – one gold, one silver, and one bronze – but it’s business as usual in my world.

Speaking of which, Kale, Mr. I Need to Have A Nap Two Hours Earlier than Normal today, is now awake, not shockingly, two hours earlier than normal. Oh joy.

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  1. Rake and Vaccum Mooki, (or shave her- it’s not like it wont grow back overnight) I’ll take Kale for a night. Deal? hahahaha
    As handsome as that little man is and well mannered he was during my visit, I dont wish to have him permnantley lol

  2. “Sucky (his soother, and yes, that’s with a capital S because that thing might as well have it’s own personality)” that could describte Moira’s Soothie right there. I actually took it away from her – for a morning – on Saturday, and then gave it back at nap time. She asked/whined for it ALL MORNING: “soothie in mouth! soothie in mouth! soothie hinding? where are you soothie? soothie in mouth!” etc. Of course, she since came down with a raging fever and tonsilitis so it probably wasn’t the best day to start weaning her from it. She has been really clingy lately (due to being sick 2x in one week I suspect) and says “Moira snuggle” all the time now too which melts me – especially since she talks through her nose so “snuggle” is actually “thnuggle”. Of course, when she is screaming from her crib at 2 a.m. “Moira thnuggle Mummy!” it isn’t as cute – but like I said: raging fever. Poor thing.

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