Bottled Water Free Day

One of my new pet projects is the elimination of bottled water primarly because John P Challinor, Manager of Corporate Affairs at Nestle Waters Canada has been spouting off all sorts of BS in my local newspaper because the school board in New Westminster is set to decide to ban bottled water. He’s been trying to play off guilt, even going so far as to suggest that without bottled water there would be no plastic playground equipment. And that, folks, got my knickers in a knot. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I wrote a letter to the editor about his overt spin doctoring – he’s twice written letters and spouted total crap. Here was my letter.

Anyway, March 11th is Canada’s first Bottled Water Free Day. Don’t have an awesome reusable water bottle? Buy one from Sue at Raspberry Kids. Here’s a funny video, please pass it around.

12 years ago

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