The search for a house is becoming annoying, never mind the selling part. I think that’s how real estate works. You get so annoyed at looking at houses, interrupting people’s lives, seeing garbage pawned off at half a million dollars… that you eventually start looking in crappy neighbourhoods out of your preferred areas, and you start thinking that “meh, not bad” is a good enough reason to put in an offer.

It’s a “wear you down” sort of thing – the more blasé you become about the whole thing, the easier it is to find “the House of Your Dreams”. Gone are the days when I had a list a mile long of “must-have’s” and “would be nice to have”, now it’s five things:  liveable (as in, “not disease ridden”), at least three rooms in which to put beds, a kitchen, a yard, and selling at a price we can afford. We’re right at that tipping point  – the ones we like are just ever so slightly out of our price range, and the ones we can afford are ever so slightly disgusting. Ones that fit both bills are likely to sell in a matter of days, and co-ordinating both Ross and I to find time to go and see a house is tricky and generally involves one of us having to skip out of work.

Meh. So, I’m crotchety. We have three viewings scheduled for this weekend at Chez Arbo, inconveniently, one on each of the next three days. As they say, it only takes one showing to sell a house, and I really try hard to remind myself that as I wipe fingerprints off the oven glass and dust the mantle for the eleventy-billionth time, and I know it will sell when the time is right – it’s not like we are talking about a house with a cracked foundation taking on water here – we are talking about a 10 year old strata townhouse complex with low fees, lots of parking, and nice decor. But that doesn’t mean I’m sitting here NOT procrastinating about the sweeping, vacuuming (thanks, shedding dog), and mopping that needs doing in order to have those showings.

In order to combat the stress that is apparently part and parcel of selling/buying, I’ve started to do the 30 Day Shred. Have you heard of this? This is Jillian Michaels’ (of The Biggest Loser) 30 Day boot-camp-y type of workout DVD.  It has three levels, and you do each level for 10 days straight. I’m on day three. My legs hurt. But I feel good and who knows if it will do anything. I think my body has made a unilateral decision about what size I am always going to be. But yeah, the workout is filled with exercises you likely remember from elementary school – jumping jacks, squats, crunches.

Sigh. And today Kale has decided it is a good day to eschew his nap.

12 years ago

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