Post-Birthday Picture Roundup

Yesterday was my 36th birthday, and my fantastic husband put in the extra effort to make it a great one. After being taken out for a chai and a free treat (Free Treat Day! at Starbucks) by my friend Shauna in the morning, we sauntered up to Family Place for a good hour of play for Kale and Bonnie before wandering home. Shortly after arriving home, Ross showed up, and sent me to  THE SPA with instructions to do what I wanted and just be home for 3:30. Um. Kthxbai.

After a facial and seriously, the best massage I have ever had in my entire life (no kidding, no really, you need one too), I poured myself home in the blazing sunshine just in time to collect my adorable son from his bed as he woke from his nap. We three headed off to look at a house (meh) and then hit the store for some ingredients for the dinner I had made for me – gnocchi with sun dried tomatoes, chives, and garlic, and Roquefort salad with handmade dressing. Then it was off for a winetasting at The Orange Room with Mark from River Market, Karen the Winebard, and my friends Will and Briana.

All of this cavorting has had its toll on me, apparently, as I awoke this morning with an incredibly sore throat, swollen glands, and a cough. Go me. However, the custom made jeans I ordered arrived today! Happy birthday to me love me! More on those in a future post – I am washing them as I type and will post a review soon.

Anyway, I’ve taken a number of pictures this past while and wanted to do a picture roundup to share them all. I also have a verrryyy special treat for my mom and mother in law at the end of this post. Apologies if the pictures aren’t of the highest quality. Although we do own a point and shoot Sony digital camera, we never seem to have charged batteries (and it sucks anyway), so all I take pictures (or video) with these days is my iPhone.

Mouth full of grapes
Mooki and Kale chillin' on the couch watching the hockey game
Neighbour's Festive Trees
Naky Bum Kale
I don't want to get dressed (ever)
Flour Mustache!
Helping Mommy Bake Cookies
Reduced Fat Thumbprint Cookies

Kale says hi from Jen Arbo on Vimeo.

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  1. Happy birthday! I gave you a football!

    (srsly, Kale appears to be more attached to it than either of my kids. keep it.)

    Sounds like a great day..any day with spa and wine *and* gnocchi. And hay, at least you got sick the next day! I remember a birthday when I was so sick I couldn’t TASTE my birthday dinner. Blergh.

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