Hey, Guess What? I’m Complaining Again.

Dear City of New Westminster;

Hey, how are you, City? I’m doing not too bad. Just wanted to touch base with you about this whole “house hunting” thing we are currently still working on. I’m wondering why you have so few houses for sale, City? I mean, really, it’s not like we are looking to buy a house for ten bucks or something, we have a real budget and everything. And I mean, sure, I realize that it’s on the modest side, but it’s not like we are asking for the moon on a platter, here. But that doesn’t seem to matter to you, does it, City? You don’t care, and all you have is a measly 5 detached houses with 3 or more bedrooms in our price range in the neighbourhoods we’d like to live in, and you know what, City? We’ve seen them all and quite honestly, they’re crap. I’m getting tired of a half million dollars meaning “crappy little house not suitable for occupation with list of reno’s in the $100K range”. I don’t get why in next door Burnaby, a half a million dollars can get me something twice the size without a list of reno’s that starts but most certainly does not end with “completely kitchen re-do, complete wiring re-do”.

Let me be honest, City. I’m starting to think about the fact that maybe we should take our place off the market and just invest in $3000 worth of Swedish furnishings designed to make places feel much larger because they are just so dang SMART when it comes to Storage “Solutions”. I like that word, City – not that you care – but I need a SOLUTION here.

Anyway, Love and Hugs and Rainbows and Kisses,


12 years ago


  1. Well, well City, it seems you are about to loose some of your feet to earth citizens…and keep the house rich, cash poor ones…

  2. You’re not the first one to send me MLS links in other cities. The problem is no one also sends us links to jobs that pay the sane amount at awesome companies.

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