Real Estate: A Positive Update for Once

Well, it’s finally all come together. I am thrilled to announce that we’ve officially bought a house, and have sold our townhouse, and all subjects have been removed and what this all means in a rather long winded way, is that it’s a done deal and we are moving in the middle of July. It’s not in the area we originally considered, but it’s across from a large park with an outdoor pool, and near a school (that’s on the table for closure, but what school isn’t these days, I swear), and easy to get to transit. It’s on a cul-de- sac, and it’s the right size for us. It checks off many, many, many must-haves, and offers a few items I didn’t even know we wanted. It’s great as is, and we can upgrade a few items as we are able to save up the cash. It has a yard. It has 3 luxurious bedrooms. It has – gasp! – a room I can set up my sewing machine and leave it there . The inspection (and the bank appraisal) says it’s a great, solid house.

Selling and buying is quite honestly the most stressful thing I have gone through, even more stressful that having a child. Seriously, having a child was a physically upheaval, a life altering choice, and a colossal pain in the butt, but it was natural and instinctive. Selling and buying has been disruptive and emotional, and I have hardly felt I was in control. I never knew something so silly could make me question myself.  When we bought this townhouse, we went from a rental situation to a purchase, and it was a million times more simple.  This was constantly living in a museum, constantly mopping and cleaning and picking up crumbs. It’s not like we regularly live in filth, but having staged our house, removed so many of our stored items, and constantly picking up toys for a 5 minute viewing, or better yet, a no-show viewing was really getting hard. I was started to resent the potential buyers. Starting to find them annoying and invasive.

I didn’t mention it here, but if you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, you probably have been able to put together the trail we have navigated to get to the the lovely place we are now. If not, to sum up: we put our townhouse on the market back in January. We received an offer pretty quickly, it was lower than we wanted, and so we declined. We then found a house to purchase, made an offer, which was subject to the sale of this place, and it was accepted. The house was run down, in need of about $70K worth of renovations before we could even move in, but in a fantastic neighbourhood and brimming with potential. We would have had to stay in a rental for a short time and pay rent and a mortgage. It was going to be difficult, but for the long run we felt it was worth it.

When you have a sale subject, the seller has a time clause – meaning, if a better offer comes along, they can give you notice that they are going to accept it, and you have whatever agreed upon amount of time (in our case, 24 hours verbal notice) to remove your sale subject, or you are simply edged out of the picture. And that’s what happened to us. Someone else came along – a builder, we presume, because there were absolutely no subjects at all – and the rug was unceremoniously swept out from under us.

I was so unbelievably bummed out. In hindsight that house was probably going to be nothing but a giant pit that we poured money into, but I was bummed. We then found this house, THE house, somewhat by chance. I wouldn’t have actually looked in the neighbourhood it’s in but I was getting tired of looking at half million dollar piles of garbage, and so we proclaimed a Branch Out Day, and set up viewings at one house in Queensborough and two houses in Sapperton. And we walked in to the house that would become ours, and I knew we had to put another offer on it. I actually said out loud “I love it!’ and our realtor was jotting down notes, smart guy that he is, about the appliances, the curtains, etc. We offered pretty competitively, knowing it was listed at a good and fair price, and to our delight the seller accepted. In my despair at having lost that first house, though, I made up my mind that if we lost  this second house because of the time clause, that it was over, and that the townhouse would come off the market and we would simply stay here.

There were huge, giant implications if that happened. Ross and I have been talking about having another child, and that simply wouldn’t work if we stayed here (Talking, people. Talking. Don’t get all a-twitter yet).

This townhouse is special to us both – and it wasn’t until some late night conversations that I realized how attached Ross (and I) are to it. Big things have happened here, our family has been created here. It’s a special place and while I wouldn’t have been terribly sad to stay here, I’m pretty thrilled we have finally bought a house to call our own.

Our house
12 years ago


  1. This is AWESOME. Can’t wait to see it! It looks LOVELY in the pictures- I LOVE the sunroom in the front- can just picture you sitting there in the sun nursing a new baby with a cuppatea.
    Love the hardwood and the beautiful little details- and the unfinished basement- HOLY STORAGE BATMAN! I saw you were talking about putting in a little suite- that’s GREAT! Our suite income has allowed me to stay home all this time.
    Ok my friend we will talk to you soon.

  2. Congrats guys!!!! So happy it has all finally come together and you found a place that you love!!!

  3. Awesome! That house looks great and has so much potential. And so much less work that needs to be done than my new house (feeling a little overwhelmed today)! It’s funny how our lives seem to parallel one another sometimes.

    But dude, you have a boulder in the basement! That is kinda crazy.

  4. congratulations – it looks adorable! i must say, i covet your yard and garden space – oh, the gardening. the boulder in the basement – actually, pretty cool. i like it! 🙂

  5. Congratulations! It sounds like things are looking up for you after a long journey. I hope that this house ends up being a great place for you, and that you spend many happy years there. Or decades. After moving, I’m always convinced I’ll never do it again, and maybe you won’t have to. 🙂

  6. So totes happy for you. Like a big weight off your shoulders.

    Though am sad you have confirmed my suspicion that selling a place and buying a new place with kid(s) (dog totally counts) in the house SUCKS. I fear it more than I ever feared labour.

    Luckily – I guess? we can’t afford to move anywhere.

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