My Favorite Zippy Jacket

I have this loving relationship with a zippy sweatshirt.


I bought it for $7 3 years ago from a thrift shop and wore it through my entire pregnancy. It magically fit me as a beached whale and now as a normal person. These are all the things that are awesome about it:

  • zippered pockets
  • offset zipper
  • fits me perfectly
  • wide cuffs and bottom hem with no elastic
  • it’s black
  • a cowl style collar rather than a hood

It is completely ragged. The cuffs are all chewed up and I can’t even say it’s starting to fray, it IS frayed. I apparently have razor sharp elbows, too, as I have poked a hole in the right elbow and the left is about to do the same.  I love love love love love this sweatshirt. It is made by “Roots Yoga”.

Ross hates it. Because it is bedraggled and because it rightfully belongs in the rag bag.  I don’t disagree with him but can’t seem to part with the damn thing. So I bought canvas iron on patches to repair the elbows, but now they are stiff and have changed the whole zen of this sweatshirt. I am not so in love anymore, just “in like”.

And so, I have come around to Ross’ side of things, and today, I bid farewell to my favourite go anywhere, do anything, comfy sweatshirt / jacket. And now I must hunt online for a suitable replacement.

11 years ago


  1. I had a sweater like this. Bought it in Florida about 15 years ago and it traveled the world with me…. I fit perfectly, I had so many memories attached to it. I finally departed with it around Christmas after I found a suitable replacement LOL

  2. Fare thee well zippy.

    I tried on a yogawrappy thing – it was called a Gratitude Wrap, I believe – at the lululemon outlet store and I really loved it except it was flamingo pink and way too expensive. It had finger holes in the wrist bands so you could keep your hands warm, which was a feature I had never considered in a sweatshirt like piece of clothing but which was very nice once I tried it.

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