Mother’s Day Dispatch

Last year for Mother’s Day we went for a stroll at Deas Island Regional Park.

This year, I’m having breakfast made for me as I type this, and I’m celebrating the day by attempting to recover about 6 weeks worth of work that was on a USB key that has, as they say, gone tits up before heading off to my part time job at 4. I’ve decided I am done with PC computers, and am now planning the purchase and conversion to a Macbook. Rather than me turn this post into a long rant about why I am an idiot who should have backed up my work more frequently and why that wouldn’t have worked anyway because apparently my back up hard drive is full anyway, I will stop here and simply say: BOO.

Oh my word, Kale is something else these days. Fast moving and insistent on “helping” with everything, he shifts from cute, shiny, and pleasant to OH MY GOD MOMMY YOU ARE EVIL and back and forth again in a matter of seconds. He’s deliciously fun to get him to say things, and Ross and I repeatedly get him to say something and then giggle like idiots while he lisps his way through it.

My days are filled with “cooking stuff” (a basket full of Ikea pots and pans and Kale-sized kitchen implements) and “no” and “watch” and “have it”. I’ve learned to not get offended when he bursts into tears about what I’ve denied him, and to be amazed at how quickly he can turn that off if something interesting comes along to take his attention away.

I went out for sushi the other day with Kale and a friend, and she commented on how nice a child Kale was and how motherhood was suiting me well.

I think so, too.

And now I must go and eat omelettes and enjoy the brief day I have with my family. Happy Mother’s Day!

11 years ago

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  1. My son and daughter in law have three boys, ages 1,3, and 5. She said in her blog that someone once gave her this advice “remember that the days are long, and the years are short”. So true!
    Happy Mother’s Day, Jen.

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