Holy crap, what happened to May?

Hi, hey, how’s it going? Things here are silly busy as we make way for the farmer market season. We took this past 8 glorious days off to spend some quality time with my folks and Ross’ folks in the Parksville – Qualicum Beach area of Vancouver Island. I gotta tell you – this has likely been the nicest week I have had in a long, long time.

Ferries, whee!

Although they weather was mostly piss and grey, we did get a day and a half in at the beach.

Picking up rocks and moving them somewhere else.

We also: went shopping with my mom all day (okay, that was just me), went to Coombs and saw some baby goats, went to Victoria and took Ross’ Grandma out for tea (my Grandma was also supposed to come but there was a scheduling mix up, so instead we went and visited with her afterward), saw our good friends Karina and Caden and PLAYED PLAYED PLAYED, got to see an old friend from back in the day, went to Morningstar Farms,

it was muddy, yo.

went out for an adult dinner to a fancy pants restaurant in an airport (yup, seriously), made 40 gabillion shish kebabs and had a lovely BBQ before heading home on the ferry

I'm windsurfin'!

and now here we are.  Oh, and I bought some fan-freakin-tastic new shoes.

Like Buttah.

Mooki even had fun and ACTED LIKE A REAL DOG. No kidding.

Head out the window, like for reals and stuff.

I also made Ross drive past the new house on our way home so I could say hi. Also – the house across the street from our new house is for sale if you’re looking for a starter home. Good neighbours in a few months!

I think summer officially starts in many minds after the May long weekend. Everything opens – outdoor pools, ball season, et cetera. I know in my mind, it’s summer because I have been market 24/7 since we got home yesterday in the afternoon andit is a very few short weeks until the market becomes my life again. Sometimes I feel like a carnie, with this all consuming time sucker. But I really like the job.

Goal this coming month: Not losing my mind. I’m working DOUBLE the hours I was this time last year if you add up all my jobs.

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  1. They are a brand I’d not heard of before called Rieker. British, I think. Comfy as all get out, even for heels.

  2. I also got to go for an extended bike ride in Cumberland, with my friend Neil from Victoria. Will have a separate post if I find time.

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