Packing Up Lives

I find that when you are packing to move, you often find reasons to get rid of things. It’s like shedding skin – if I am given the opportunity to make myself feel like I have a clean slate, I will do everything in my power to make that happen. And the more you do it, the easier it is to get rid of things that you otherwise would have held on to because there was no motivator to get rid of it.

I’ve been paring down here at Chez Arbo since we are packing to move, and nothing is sacred. I’ve passed on some of Kale’s clothes, some of his toys (including toys he still occasionally plays with but I can’t stand for various reasons), and just about anything I haven’t used or thought of in a year. Granted, there is some stuff that we haven’t used in a year for understandable reasons, like camping gear and snowshoes that we will pack up and move with us. But clothes not worn in a year? GONE. Shoes not worn in a year? GONE. Purses not used in a year? GONE. I don’t need it. I have so much stuff it’s simply ridiculous.

Stack o boxes

Another project I’m working on is ripping all of my CDs to our giant external hard drive. Theoretically, when we move I am buying a MacBook Pro and getting rid of our desktop PC. We have this giant sized external drive that we significantly under-utilize, and it’s my hope that by piling all of our music onto it, and then setting up a wireless home system where the external drive and printer live in a closet and we can both access them from whatever point in our house, then we have a built in stereo system. It’s a theory, and it’s likely I’m going to have to buy another component to make it all happen, but I’m tired of carrying around these plastic CDs that I rarely listen to, and I’m hoping that by having them on my computer, I will access them more frequently. And if I don’t, at least I don’t have a giant pile of plastic to house.

Stack o plastic

It’s starting to become much more real that we are MOVING (t-minus 20 days and counting, actually) and I’m starting to write lists, and overwhelm myself with what needs doing between now and then. I’ve ordered our new service for electricity and for internet, cable and phone (thanks Telus for making that dead simple – one phone call and no charge – hells yes customer service), I’m starting to call around with address changes.

I’m starting to see shades of long forgotten OCD habits – checking, double checking, methodical overanalysis, lying in bed awake at night composing lists. I hate moving but I love the scrubbed new and shiny sense of possibility that first week in your new house.

And I can’t wait for our house. Oh man. I cannot wait. Space! To! Move! Space! To! Play! Space! To! Enjoy! I love our house more with each passing day and I keep waiting for this buyer’s remorse I keep hearing about to set in.  SO far, nothing but excitement and thrilling happiness.

11 years ago


  1. I am so excited for you guys! Can’t wait to come for a visit once you are settled. 🙂

  2. I wish we could get rid of all our cds but the Mister likes to have all of them out in plain sight. He still rips them to the external hard drive but he won’t give them up.

  3. HA! Ross is the same. Even though he is ripping them all, HIS CDs are all going into a box. So they can get stored somewhere I guess? Weigh in on this one, Ross. 🙂

  4. We’ve had all in-house music in digital format ever since Krissy got an iPod (still use retro CDs in the van). I think having an AirPort might be nice because it has a jack to plug into your stereo. From what I understand, you can play music from your Mac and listen to it through your stereo.

    We’re counting down to the house-warming party.

  5. I now have 220+ CD’s in one box and I cannot lift it. Do you think the couple buying our place will notice if I leave them here?

  6. wishing you well on the move and the CD handling – this is something (the music, not the move ……yet) which i need to get to grips with but we also have vinyl to deal with too! i see a nice USB turntable in my future to go with a big fat iPod at some stage (and yeh yeh another 50 hours in the day to make it so)

  7. Laughing at the box of CDs. I encountered one of those in our storage room the other day. We have all our CDs still, even though we use a Roku that accesses our server full o music.

    But I also have a big storage room full of crap that I just haven’t had time to throw away yet because I haven’t moved in 4 years.

    I totally agree re: throwing away stuff. Love it. Can’t get enough.

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