We’re In!

Oh, wait! You mean you’re supposed to add content to a blog? Oh crap. Blogging: I’m doing it wrong.

Well, we’re moved. We’re here, we’re in, we are so so so happy to be here. Our house is lovely.

Things I’m not totally fond of:

  • bathroom lights and plugs not functioning, laundry room lights and plugs not functioning, assorted random electrical outlets in various rooms not working. They all worked during the home inspection, which means that the seller is responsible for paying for the cost of repairs. However, can I just say something? It is crazy annoying to not have lights in your bathroom.
  • it’s louder than I was expecting. We live on a small cul-de-sac just off a fairly main road. I knew it was a main road. But it’s a also a ambulance, fire truck, and police route, and it’s also downhill from us – thus, all road noise travels up and into our house. Of course, we have all windows open since it’s summah-time here, and did it keep me awake the first night? Yes. Has it kept me awake any other night? No.
  • our backyard is not fenced and a travelling toddler likes to explore when we’re in the backyard (which is frequent) so I must be constantly vigilant as to his whereabouts, lest he find the holes in the hedge or wander around to the front of the yard or open the gate to the parking space – all of which spill out into the alley.

Things I Love:

  • No dang strata. I can do whatever I want and I don’t have anyone living above / beside me. I don’t need a key to get into a gate. I don’t have to walk up two flights of stairs to get to my mail box. I don’t have to propose to anyone to do anything to our house.
  • Living right across the street from a park with a tonne of amenities like a spray park, outdoor pool, playground, bathrooms, playing fields, walking trails.
  • Backyard Naked Lawnmowing:
  • Having space. Having a room we call “Hobby and Craft Room” where the bikes and sewing machine will live. Having to shop for furniture like SEWING TABLES and BOOKCASES and SUN ROOM FURNITURE. There are not enough hours in the day for all the online browsing I need to do.

Coming soon! Photo tour!

11 years ago


  1. Ah Naky time! Moira spent a lot of time naked in the backyard this weekend. Of course, I keep telling her she can pee in the grass (Potty training: I’m doing it wrong) and she told me “that’s too silly”. However, I suspect peeing in the pool is just fine.

    Can’t wait to see the photos!

  2. Congratulations on your new home! Hopefully the sounds of traffic will soon become white noise to lull you and your family to sleep.
    Love that area!

  3. You have a “Hobby and Craft” room? I am muy jealous. MUY jealous. I have a desk in the corner of the family room that the kids dump their stuff on. This is the problem with having more children – each time you procreate, you lose some of your space to your progeny.

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