Half Assed Fiction and Other Distractions

Recently, a group of friends got together to do some writing. Yes, I joined a writer group. The original meet up we were meant to write about a household appliance and then share it with the others. I wrote about a microwave. It was bland and was a thinly veiled metaphor for our new life in our new house at Chez Arbo.

But, what it did was awaken something in me. The writer in me wanted to do something other than write blog posts for a smattering of blogs, and wanted to stretch out in new directions. So, with the tiny shred of free time I have, I’m starting up a writing group with a few other like minded individuals.

We’ve decided to write a collaborative piece of fiction set here in New Westminster. The rules are pretty simple – we just write where the universe we are creating takes us, no one plot or character squats, we can write as much or as little as we want, and we can write in whatever format or genre we want. The starting sentence was “It starts with Mason naked on the Telus tower.” There are about 5 or 6 of us writing so far, with more coming on board. I’ve written two pieces. One, set in 1980,  is about the reporter who wrote the story about the dead politician (the guy naked on the tower) and the other, set now, is about a smart girl who takes home a guy who turns out to be the adult child of the dead politician.

It’s fun stretching this part of me that has for so long been put away.

I also hit up soccer practice last week. I’m an idiot for wanting to add even more commitments and more things into my schedule, but I miss soccer terribly. I miss pretty much everything about it except for the running part. I haven’t fully committed to going, but I want to and I’m leaning toward it. I need to find a way to make it work – no fun time for myself is taking its toll on me in other ways and I find myself getting short tempered at the market for the silliest of reasons.

Kale and I have also been hit with summer colds. Yay. Because I haven’t been sick enough, apparently, I have been blessed with the sneezing, running nose, congestion, aches, and tired eyes of a summer cold. Kale has a bit of a cough and the sneezes but I’m fairly certain we have the same thing – it started on the exact same day.

Things around the house are good – we planted a deciduous tree out front of our house called a katsura tree. It has pretty heart shaped leaves and grows quickly. Right now it’s nine-ish feet and it will eventually grow and provide lovely filtered shade in our porch. The whole area around it will soon become a flower bed rather than grass. Ross has a hate on for grass.

Katsura tree installed

We are working on acquiring a few last things at the house:  wicker furniture for the sun room (may have found an antique set today!), a sofabed for our office so that friends and loved ones may spend the night NOT on an air mattress. We picked up this little occasional chair, cheap, at London Drugs of all places:

I got the dots, dude.

and it really finishes off our living room. We need to install the clotheline I bought off Craigslist and over the winter we’ll work on doing the hard landscaping outside and get in a veggie garden and move the rhodos Ross insists on keeping. Next up is our bedroom, and we’re going to trade in our two mismatched dressers and miniature closet for a built in that takes up essentially one entire wall, plus a bed frame (ooh la la! How adult!) with a headboard and drawers underneath. Possibly, a new bed in general since I have never found Ross’ bed comfortable. We might even need one of them new fangled “Sleep Number” beds because Jack Sprat and his wife apparently have different needs in a sleeping surface.

Then, we tackle the basement. Hoo boy.

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  1. Markus and I totally need a Sleep Number bed too! Except we tried one and I didn’t find it all that comfy. 🙁 Our bed is too soft – M loves it and I tolerate it. 🙂

    Love the chair!

  2. Our little fiction group is loads of fun! I’ve been really impressed at how quickly it’s gotten up and running! We need to plan next month’s meetup soon.

    I’m happy to watch Kale for a few hours while you play soccer or take some time to work. Just let me know when. Maybe our next project (’cause there’s always more) should be setting up a babysitting co-op.

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