Getting My Craft On

Every once in a while, I get a hankering to be crafty. Often, I can get it out of my system with a day of card-making or even some gardening or baking. But today, I wanted to delve into it a little bit more.

I miss sewing.

I used to be quite good at it. I remember when I was young, maybe 10? my mom signed me up for a sewing class in someone’s basement (help me out, here, Mom) and we made an apron, as I recall. A blue one, with white and blue striped straps, for a gift for my stepdad. I’ve made costumes, and clothing and a cute bib and diapers – scads and scads of diapers.

A few years ago, for Valentine’s Day, Ross bought me a refurbished Kenmore 1560. This thing is from the early 80s, and after a hunt online, I found the manual and now am very good friends with it. Today, I made a button hole with it! My very first button hole.

And what was I putting a button on?

A new purse for me!

New purse!

Because I needed another new purse. Well, sort of. This one is teeny and goes nicely with a dress I am wearing to a wedding this weekend.

I used the Buttercup Bag pattern found at Made By Rae. I used some scraps I had kicking around – the outside is a cotton canvas in natural with dark navy blue stripes.

Interior of Purse

Inside features some silky blue/green/turquoise leftovers from ties I made at Christmas, and a double slip pocket using the canvas. It is a good size for carrying your keys, wallet, and cell phone. Or perhaps some crayons.

Crayons fit nicely.

Those crayons, by the way, are awesome for toddlers and I highly recommend them. I got them at Pedagogy Toys here in Sapperton. They were about $10 for 10, but they will last ages.

It is a nice size. Petite.


And fits nicely under my arm.

Good fit, too!

The pattern actually calls for the use of a magnetic snap – but those things left a bad taste in my mouth when a purse I once owned demagnetized every card I owned, so I opted instead for a matching royal blue button.  Hence, getting to use the button holing feature on my sewing machine!

I made this purse to match a dress I bought, that is light and airy and will be perfect for a mountain top wedding. However, I need assistance, readers. Which shoes? The grey ones are comfy like slippers, but the black probably looks better. Thoughts? I will also be adding a cardigan for if it gets cool. I have a black one that fits beautifully, but I also have a red and orange one that is bright and colourful, but it is striped. I also have a turquoise/green shrug.

Black Shoes?
Or grey shoes?
11 years ago


  1. I like the grey shoes. not quite so startling. The sewing lessons were with a co-worker, Janet Williams, and you and her daughter both took the sewing lessons. She also made my wedding dress. Didn’t want to know from me but it was OK to go to Janet. lol. Nice dress by the by.

  2. You need red shoes. I have the perfect red shoes… unfortunately in a size 10. Unfortunately for both of us as I am now an 11. Where was I?
    Cute purse! Grey shoes, definitely, assuming you have no budget for red ones.

  3. I like the grey shoes. They go great with the dress. I think it would look great with the shrug or the black cardi but I’d avoid the colourful stripes. Too many patterns.

  4. The mountaintop wedding went down last night and our friends Lars & Sarah are now husband & wife. Jen looked great in the dress and chose the grey shoes/green sweater combo. We had a good time and Kale made a new little friend.

  5. Well, I’m too late to add my two cents but I liked the gray shoes too – everyone wears black so it is nice to mix things up a bit.

    I tried to get my Mum to teach me to sew for years but she had no patience for it. Then when we moved when I was in high school a sewing shop was near by and I learned to sew by them and have loved it ever since. I miss it too but I know have SPACE in my basement and have been slowly setting up my sewing area – you know, in between the screaming toddler, home renos and giving birth. 🙂

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