Lately, we’ve been doing lots of fun things. Fun for mommy and her crafty inklings:

Tomatoes, post-blanching
Tomatoes, awaiting their transformation into salsa

And fun for Kale:

We hit up the PNE last week with Kale’s BFF Bonnie and Bonnie’s mom and my good friend Shauna. I’m not a PNE fan, to be honest. I don’t like crowds, I find it overpriced and just basically a lot of… junk. BUT, I do enjoy the barns and I do enjoy seeing my son’s mind totally blown when he sees a recognizable celebrity in real life, e.g. the Doodlebops.

Kale, Bonnie and I waiting for Doodlebop action
ZOMG! There they are!
Stern Mother is Stern.
Look! Doodlebops!
Yawn, boring.
I has a snow cone
I has a snow cone too.
Crazy Mother is Crazy. Kale had been screeching out of happiness, a sound that apparently makes Bonnie cry.

We also bought a new sofabed, so now when you come and visit, we can have you stay! We bought this one from Ikea.  I have started to call the room that is my computer room that is the bookcase room the “library” in a totally fake-snooty voice. So, we’ve also been spending a lot of time reading and playing music in the library on the new sofabed. (Because that seems to help Kale forget that there is a “telebishen” in the other room.)

Playing Music in the Library

Look at that gigantic foot.

Anyway, here’s a video of Kale “making music”. Positively delightful. (All. Day. Seriously. All day, people. Gah.)

Kale Makes “Music” from Jen Arbo on Vimeo.

11 years ago