What We’ve Been Up To – Photo Edition

They finally finished paving our street. Finally.

At the half way point, the paving brought neighbours out on the street to watch the spectacle
Looking up from the very bottom of my street. Look at how black and smooth it is.

But it wasn’t without drama. Ross and Mooki discovered that the night paving crew that came in the night to prep the street left a puddle of tar somewhere that Mooki stepped into. With all four feet. And left a trail around our house.

Mooki Tracks.

Just so you know, Avon Skin So Soft gets tar off of dog feet. Spray on, soak for 10 minutes or so, then wash. Which is SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE, let me tell you.

I also harvested the first and only fig off our tree for the season. This thing was small – smaller than a golf ball. But I cut it open and ate it anyway. It was under ripe but still delicious.


And, on a gorgeous fall day, beautifully, Kale discovered his shadow.

11 years ago