Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We’re in the middle of Kale learning to potty. It’s going fine – he’s getting it, we spend most of our days in underpants (they no longer burn) and we have accidents but whatever, he’s doing great. But without that cloth diaper bubble butt, we’ve discovered that our son has the shape of a broomstick. And 99% of his pants fall down.

So, the other day, after he tripped (AGAIN) and fell on his face (AGAIN) and was terribly terribly angry (AGAIN) I went rifling through his socks / underwear / jammies drawer to find the one belt he has. Only to discover that HEY! In a fit of cleanist freakout, I passed it on. Good one. The belt was one of the double D ring style belts, a style of belt that actually confounds me (Maybe? Because I am left handed? I don’t know, but I hate them with the passion of a thousand burning suns). It would have only been a temporary measure.

So, I popped down to my sewing room, Kale in tow, and we whipped up one elastic belt with a giant sew on snap that he can do up and undo all by himself. It’s not pretty. But it works like a hot damn. I am fairly convinced that all inventors are parents.

Check out my sweet belt!
Blurry Back View
Front View!
I can open it myself!
11 years ago


  1. Hey cuz,

    not sure whether a firm called Vertbaudet deliver out your way (and be warned if you check out their website, become hopelessly addicted and spend way too money that you don’t have on clothes for Kale, it is not my fault for introducing you to them) but they do a great range in pants with heavily elasticated waists, all the better for potty-training skinny kids 🙂

    Ed loses his pant even with the nappies, so i’ve got my eye on these trousers for his next growth spurt. The added benefit is he should be able to dress himself, so less wilful toddler battles for me to cope with 🙂

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