Halloween Town and Big Steps Forward

There are moments that are important in Kale’s short life. Moments that signify something to me. I wasn’t very good at keeping track of exactly when his first tooth, step, or word was in the early days, but there are a few moments I savour and view as something of a marker that time has passed once again.

Today, I cleared off the hutch of Kale’s dresser. For two years and four months it has held three baskets: one for the diaper covers, one of the diaper liners, and one for the clothes we use as wipes. It’s also held a silver bucket we used as our diaper pail. I shut these items up into his closet today, and we may never use them again.

While I am still not considering Kale “potty trained”, it has been a number of days since I used a diaper during the day and at night we have always used a disposable, partly for our convenience and partly because he gets rashy if in a cloth overnight. And so today, I downsized his stash and rearranged the items we store on the top of that hutch to include only the wipes.


His puzzles finally have a place to call home instead of shoved under the dresser! Man, I remember the days when we changed him on top of that hutch:

Memories, misty water coloured meeeeeemmmmmories…..

My wee bean. (sniff!)

Also, at the request of many people, here are some Halloween pictures. Kale went as a salt and pepper shaker. I don’t remember where I got the idea, but it was dead simple to make and is made out of felt. The back is black with a white P, and the front is white with a black S. The hat is like a grey chef’s hat, and has black dots as the holes. I used some waist band interfacing to make it stay rounded out at the bottom and to add some stiffness in the hat band. If I were to make it again, I would sew in slightly tighter under the arms. But I loved it and so did Kale!

Dorky expression is not part of the costume I envisioned 🙂
Hop! Hop!
Sampling his Halloween haul en route
11 years ago

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