This Christmas we are spending some time on the Island in the week before The Big Day and then heading home to indulge and enjoy in the comfort of our new house. I’m thrilled because I get to put up my tree – last year we were in High River with my brother and his family – and I think I have a SPOT where it will look lovely. In the summer our sunroom is a delightful place to have a cup of tea. In the winter it is going to be Tree Central. I think. Having space means having options. It’s positively delirious-making.

Ross doesn’t know it yet, but November 27th has been designated as the date he will be putting up lights. Because the past six years of Christmas lights have been a few strands woven gently around our patio fence, we are going to need to do some upgrading of our decorations as well as the purchase of a ladder tall enough to reach the roof. Ross will likely be pleased about the ladder acquisition. Perhaps not so much with the light-stringing. Chevy Chase, or even my mom, we are not, but I think we can do some lights and maybe even a few relatively cheese-free decorations on the stairs. We hit up Canadian Tire the other day and bought $100 worth of lights. It’s gonna be all Christmas up in your face! (PS: Don’t go to Home Depot for lights – all of their lights have been recalled for a quality issue. Sucks to be Home Depot.)

The farther away I get from my twenties, the more I like Christmas. I’m not saying that Santa has made his way onto my awesome list, but I am looking forward to the decorating, the lights, the general Christmas merriment. I can’t wait for the getting together and eating together, and the getting together and having some nog. I got spoiled last year by only consuming homemade nog, and I can safely say it is unlikely I will revert to the store stuff with it’s sticky sweet coloured yuckiness. Tip: buy stock in the BC Egg Farmers. There is going to be a serious uptake in the consumption of eggs at Chez Arbo this year. I posted the recipe the other day. You need to make some. Tell me what you think!

(Sidenote, I don’t know if you noticed, but I made a few changes to my blog – you can now access an archive of all of my recipes by clicking on the recipes link over there –> or over there <– and you can also have a look at my Crafty Resolutions List)

Oh, hey. I found this picture the other day. I’m going through all of my photos and reorganizing them and storing them offsite and blah blah blah and found this one, which had been forgotten in a weird folder. It’s from when Kale had just turned one. Oh summer BBQs, I miss you already.

Summer Fun
11 years ago


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