#Reverb10: Let Go

December 5th. Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

I like this prompt quite a bit – it’s courtesy of someone I follow on Twitter already: Alice Bradley, who writes a website and recently co-wrote a book called Let’s Panic About Babies.

But here’s the thing – there are two answers for this question and one of them isn’t one I wish to discuss online. Let’s just say I let go of a decade of a style of thinking, and I feel good about it. It may have resulted in some changes in the relationships in my life, but I am happier for having done it.

The other answer is this:  This year I let go of the notion that I can’t have my cake and eat it too. It’s okay to have the life you want to live and enjoy it. There are some people in my life that for various reasons elect to wallow in things they can’t get out of. I’m not saying some of them don’t have hard things to overcome, but there are a few I honestly don’t understand why they seemingly choose to be miserable. I get it – I do. For years I was convinced that the best way to float through life was to be miserable, act the martyr, and see “hard done by” as a label to brag about rather than just shut up and get down to the idea of making myself happy.

But this year I gave myself permission to experiment with making myself happy. I gave myself permission to say no to invites if they didn’t float my boat (although truth be told I wasn’t always successful at that – sometimes I said yes to things that really weren’t up my alley). I also gave myself permission to do things I enjoy even if they didn’t contribute to the smooth operation of our busy lives. It’s okay to take a card making workshop. It’s okay to join a soccer team. Make it work.

And finally, this year I have given myself permission to let go of a position I don’t enjoy. I haven’t actually done it yet – but it’s in the works. I finally admitted that life will go on without it, and so I’ve been taking the steps to be free of it and some of those steps have been terribly frightening. Ruts hurt is in more ways than we realize.

What about you? What did you let go of this year?

11 years ago

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  1. Kind of ironic that you posted this on Dec 5. I got rid of someone last year Dec 5, 09 that couldn’t make me happy.
    And for all the reasons you listed above, I wasn’t going to accept it anymore.

    Great post!

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