#Reverb10: Make

December 6: Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

Oh my goodness me, my project list is just silly.

I can’t mention all the things on the go, given the impending gift exchanging occasion, but I’ve been spending a lot of time in my craft room these days. It seems I have more projects, than time, and that’s actually a problem. There is a moratorium on craft supply spending (she says after having gone to a card making workshop and bought some goodies) until I get some of these projects in check.  The cards are the last thing I made. And I loved it.

Cards! I made them!

Some of my projects have no timeline – I am making myself some pajamas that match a pair I just finished for Kale for Christmas using the Oliver + S pattern called Bedtime Story pajamas. They were dead simple and are nothing but adorable. Side ties and everything. The fabric has owls! and autumn leaves! and oh my goodness teh cutez!

Jammies. I LOVE these jammies.

Some of the projects have due dates like Christmas (which is why I can’t tell you about them) but most are open ended. I don’t like pressuring myself with too many fun things to do in my crafty room with complicated due dates. All I can tell you that any time spent in my crafty room is a good time.  Like one of those license plate holders “The worst day in the craft room is better than the best day at work”. Har har har.

My craft room has poor lighting, is painting a horrific shade of hospital green, and doubles as our storage space. There is an unnatural amount of beer bottles in there for a future batch of u-brew. For now, everything is in Rubbermaid storage boxes (seriously, I love those things a tiny bit too much), although that will change January 6th when we get our built in wardrobe installed* and I get to re-purpose a dresser as a craft organization cabinet. The chair isn’t terribly comfortable, and I’ve been watching Craigslist looking for a freebie. But all that doesn’t matter. It’s a craft room. With a very sturdy table (thanks Brigette!) that my sewing machine gets to stay set up on. It’s bliss. Truly.

The ol' Kenmore.
Nice paint.

Crafting is fantastic. I am so grateful that my mom included craft in my life – even if I wasn’t always receptive. She tried to teach me to sew but it wasn’t until she signed me up for a class with her friend that I was interested. I have some incredibly fond memories of my Nana, always the crafty one, and Mom and I doing crafts together on my Nana’s dining room table. Everything – from toilet paper tubes to buttons to sticks to holly to anything else – was useful for a craft. I am the most un-hoarder there is, except when it comes to crafting supplies.

No one’s life should be without creating stuff with their hands.

And glitter. There’s always a place for glitter.

* I’ll tell you all about the built-ins soon!

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  1. I am so glad you have good memories of crafting with Nana and me of course. It is fun, but I must say it skipped a generation of expertise to you. I muddle along but you are very much like Nana. I always found the craft I did best my mom couldn’t do (like crocheting) She was the best at reproducing anything she saw at a craft fair and you will be better, but don’t get carried away and hoard all the things she did. When she past away I had to dispose of 4 closets full of, not clothes, but craft supplies. Someone at the thrift store got a great haul. Unfortunately I couldn’t give it all away (I had to hold on to some of it cause I might be able to use it) and still have some stored in the shed. Maybe someday I will think of something to do with it. You never know. Happy Crafting!!!!

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