#Reverb10: Future Self

December 21: Future self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?)

Sidenote: Oh hello #Reverb10, yes I am still participating. I went on holidays so sorry, you got sacrificed in the name of craptactularly bad wi-fi and far too many cookies with my name on them. But I’m back!

Dear Self:

Stop second guessing your ability to create. For the love of all that is good in your world, you are a creative force. You are skilled beyond administration. You are a maker. You can create beautiful things so don’t underestimate your skills. Feel free to give yourself a bit of room to create. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – chances are you are the only one who notices.



* * * *

Dear Self of 10 Years Ago:

OMG really, did you actually think jet black hair was a great idea? Holy crap, just say no. It took you 7 years to get rid of it all and now it’s freakin’ grey. THINK AHEAD, Arbo.



By special presentation, a visual history of my hair since 1999 ish:

Okay, it's out of focus and we were dressed up for Halloween, but this was probably at it's worst.
Taken by Ross on one of our first dates about a decade ago. I look so pink!
Black Black Black Black No. 1 (10 pts for naming that obscure band reference) Apologies to Gemma for not running this picture past her first.
It's red. No, it's blonde! No, wait! It's brown! No, actually, it's DESTROYED. (Apologies to Sarah who has such lovely curly hair)
Hmmm.... this black hair thing. I guess I have to cut it all off to get rid of it. Oh look, now it's orangey-pink!
Okay, getting better. Best hair cut in my life at a place I can't afford but won a gift certificate to.
Okay so this is my natural colour, but we didn't get here naturally. (This is with my sister in law and my mom aka Nana 2006, Canmore.)
So very close to my own hair with just some highlights. Hey, I was getting married. (And drunk, apparently).
Pregnancy Hair is the best thickest glossiest hair. Sigh.
So is post partum hair. The early part. So thick and glossy!
This is the closest thing to hair that makes me happy I have ever had.
But then comes the hair horns, and the permanent ponytails. And so...
you cut it. And you realize that it's now curly, coarse, frizzy, and way more grey than you thought possible.
And you'll one day reach a point where you decide to cut it off and donate it while they'll still accept it. Most places will only accept up to 5 or perhaps 10% grey.
And so here we are. No black ever again, I swear.
11 years ago


  1. The Orangy-pink pic is the CUTEST pic of you EVER. I’m still waiting for the miraculous pregnancy hair. It’s growing in all spikey, but it is fairly smooth and shiny when it isn’t flying away.

  2. Slight shock seeing myself on the internet before I’ve had my first cup of tea of the day – realised that I need to make sure I have a fringe at all times. My two pence worth: I like you with shoulder length hair 🙂

  3. Hilarious. I actually really like the first photo but I know it’s because it’s in black and white.

    I also dyed my hair shoe polish black, looked like a very tired junkie for a week or so and then tried to get it back to normal with home bleaching and ended up with tiger stripes. But that was ’95.

    In fact, a lot of your hair history mirrors mine.

    Including the fact that my good friend Sarah has hair exactly like this Sarah’s.

    Also: How perky have you been your whole life! Holy cats.

  4. PS re: the black & white photo – it sounded a bit bitchier than I intended. I mean, I know that your colouring doesn’t really support jet black hair, just as mine doesn’t. Although come to think of it, I don’t really mind the second photo either. I think you can pull off the black pretty well.

    OK bye.

  5. I took the first two pictures, and that is the woman I fell in love with. You look as good now as you did then 😉

  6. Awww thanks hon. I love you! (entertaining: my iPhone wanted to change “hon” to Jon. I almost left it just for the funny)

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