#Reverb10: Travel

December 22: Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

I don’t like to travel. I don’t like the unpredictability of it. I have no desire to see things that aren’t in my normal daily life. Once in a while, the idea of seeing something like the Grand Canyon or perhaps the amazing beauty of Costa Rica I see in friends’ pictures crosses my mind but I really don’t have any interest inbeing away from home. Travel makes me nervous – not having all the things I rely on and the things I like to surround myself with – yikes.

Now, part of the reason why travel makes me nervous is that I’ve never done it. This past spring, my in-laws suggested that we go to Hawaii as a family. It was kind of exhilarating – the idea of travelling with my family and having in laws to babysit should Ross and I want to go out. We booked our tickets and I started thinking about going tanning (Yes! Me! Tanning! I know!) and buying swimsuits. And then my mother in law got unexpected health news that has made us all cancel our trip because it won’t work anymore for scheduling. We did buy insurance, like the smart little cookies we are, and so after some minor paperwork we received a refund cheque.

Before that, I’ve planned a few other vacations, most of which did not pan out. I’m hesitant to pay money to be away from all the things I count on in the first place, and so the Vancouver Island train trip I dreamed up (trust me it would have been awesome) didn’t pan out when I hit one snag in the planning. The camping trip to the Four Corners was hampered by the news I was pregnant. Never mind once bitten, twice shy, I’m more like once bitten NEVER AGAIN BUSTER.

So travel. This year in May I visited Vancouver Island and spent time with our family. Next year I’ll probably do the same, except I’m thinking we’ll look at booking a large group into a campsite and try and get a number of families to join us. It’s time Kale learned about camping.

Making a Rock Pile at the beach, Vancouver Island, May 2010
Lookin' at cows at Little Qualicum Cheeseworks
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  1. My parents are big into traveling so as soon as we had a few days off, we took off.

    Once I turned 18 I started to go myself and even more frequently. Used to study & work my butt off 6 months of the year and the other 6 months I was on the road, mostly by myself.

    Things frequently went wrong, stuck in the desert, car on fire in the middle of nowhere, attacked by rattle snakes, chased by an alligator, canceled/delayed flights, getting lost etc

    But you know what? You just laugh about it and in the end it made the trip even more special.

    I got to see and experience the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Just go!

    (My parents retired in May. They are on a 2 yr trip with their motorhome, they are doing the Pan-American Highway, currently they are somewhere in Mexico on their way South)

  2. Your post made me a little sad. With a whole world of wonders out there, most of the time the little discomfort of being away from the known is worth it for the thrill and beauty of the unknown.

    I say, push yourself, push the envelope. Try it out. And if you’re worried you can’t, skip the insurance next time! *wink.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but the thing is, I’m not sad for me, not one little bit and I don’t want anyone to feel I’m missing out on something. And I guess I’m not fully explaining it here, in this post. I should clarify: I don’t like travelling outside BC, and I especially dislike air travel. I am intensely fearful of heights and flying is just one big gigantic height. But I’ve been all over BC. I’ve camped in some of the most amazing spaces. I’ve been to tiny hamlets like Hazelton and Stoner and Youbou. Most people who live here can’t say they’ve explored our province but will rattle off a laundry list of all the places they have been to in Europe. I’m proud to say I have been to all the corners of my home province. I’m with you on pushing the envelope (and I will – our trip to Hawaii will be rebooked once my mother in law is well again and we are looking at trips to Cuba with a friend) but I’d never in a million years travel without insurance – not with a child. We couldn’t have afforded to go as a family and stay in Hawaii without my in-laws- we were sharing accommodations. It would have been $2000 in airfare wasted. In this particular case, it’s not about how well traveled I am or am not.

  3. Don’t forget the high spots of Fairy lake, Zebellos, Waas, Tofino, Port Hardy, and many hide away spots in the south of Vancouver Island. There are lots of places on Vancouver Island that many many people have never heard of let alone been to. So until I win the lottery and we can go around the world together just remember those beautiful and happy places and the great memories from them.

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