#Reverb10: Defining Moment

December 29: Defining moment. Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year. (Author: Kathryn Fitzmaurice)

Choosing to list our townhouse for sale and pursue a single family dwelling is likely the moment with the most impact on my life this year. If you’ve been reading along, you know that we listed our place with very great agents back at the end of January. We found a decent (read: needed lots of work) little place in a great neighbourhood and had an accepted offer subject to the sale of our townhouse. We lost the place when the seller invoked the time clause because another buyer had come along.  Meanwhile, we had an offer on our place, which we declined. Entertainingly, their “top amount” was pretty much exactly what we sold for in the end, but at the time, we considered it too low as we’d only been on the market 6 days when the offer came in.  It started getting kind of desperate, and then it all just fell together.

Friday, April 23rd, I posted a pretty good summary of what happened, so go have a read. I’ll wait.

Caught up?

Here’s a photo tour of our house from about two weeks after we moved in.

Since then, we’ve got a few changes in the works. Next week, contractors are coming to install a custom wardrobe in our master bedroom, negating the need for dressers. (I’ll post pictures when it’s complete). We’ve also bought a bed frame for the first time since Ross and I have been living together, and last night I picked up new curtain rods for the master bedroom. I think I’m going to have to sew the curtain myself because so far, the choices out there are SUCKAGE.

A glazier is supposed to be here today or tomorrow to replace the window in the sunroom that has a blown seal (hopefully making a noticeable difference in the temperature in that room), and we are looking at replacing the few remaining windows the former owner did not replace herself.

We’ve also got a plumber coming next week to finish the install on a tankless hot water system which will not only improve the efficiency of our house, but will allow for future expansion if we ever get our collective poop (and funding) together to install a suite downstairs.

In the new year, we’ll have an electrician in to double our panel, add some sockets where they should intuitively be, add an outdoor porch light, and replace the light at the bottom of the stairs with a wall sconce so that tall people will no longer hit their head on the bulb.

In spring, Ross has got a lot of landscaping to do. We’re changing a few things around the front of the house and we’ll be planting a veggie garden when it’s warm enough. And chickens – don’t forget the chickens. We’re aiming for chicken installation by April.

Having a house to call our own with lovely neighbours and projects to spend time together on is lovely. For many people, it can be infuriating and a trip down disappointment lane – I admit I was very disappointed when we realized what was involved in legally converting our basement into a suite. But we are here for the long haul, and making this house a home is satisfying and enjoyable. The process is almost as good as the finished product.

Photo by Harry Pehkonen (stitched together)
11 years ago