#Reverb10: Gift

December 30: Gift. This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What’s the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year? (Author Holly Root)

I’m not going to go deep on this one. My favourite gift this year was something I bought myself. I saw a tweet in the early part of spring this year with a promo code and coupon for Lovelinx Jewelry. Warning: the site takes ages to load and has auto-play music. Granted the music isn’t bad, but auto-play music makes me insane. Anyway, they offer silver jewelry customized with your child’s fingerprint. Apparently at about 2 years old, your child’s fingerprint changes, and becomes the one they have to their entire life. So, to capture his “baby fingerprint” is well, for lack of a better word, neat.

I was captivated, and chose to order two of the oval shaped pendants for my mother and mother in law for Mother’s Day. The process is interesting – they ship you wax impression kits which you warm up and then squish your baby’s fingers into it. Then you ship them back and they use a technique called Lost Wax Casting and create a very unique sterling silver impression of your child’s fingerprint. I was so impressed with the finish product, I asked if they would be willing to do a custom piece.

I’ve mentioned before that when I was in labour with Kale, his head was deflexed (meaning, his chin wasn’t tucked in) which ultimately lead to a cesarean birth. A nurse commented the next day that he was a “star gazer” and was looking up and I’ve held on to that, always thinking it was a really beautiful and dreamy way to describe something so clinical and austere. Stars mean something to me.

So, I had them make a star with Kale’s little fingerprint in it. This picture isn’t fantastic – it’s hard to capture a picture of the fingerprint without it getting blurry. And I wear this necklace every day so it’s starting to look scratched up and worn. It’s likely I’ll have to stop wearing it because I’ll wear it out.

My favourite gift of 2010:

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  1. Oh, I love that. Love love love that. (also? I love the star gazer comment. J also didn’t have his chin tucked, and that’s such a sweet way to describe that that I think I’m going to borrow it myself).

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