ControverSunday: 2010 Review and My Resolutions for 2011

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If 2009 was the year I hardly knew, 2010 was the year I embraced and in which I finally felt settled in my own skin. Sure it went zooming by but I feel different about it; more comfortable, more peaceful. I only had three resolutions for 2010: to get rid of the jiggle, to stop cursing, and to learn to let things go.

I have not gotten rid of the jiggle but have come to terms with the fact that well, I’m not a skinny minnie. I joined a soccer team in the fall and while the team seems to struggle to get together to practice because all the moms have a hard time with commitment to weekly workouts, it does feel fantastic to get back on the field and even make a good play or two. I want to improve my general fitness level overall and my friend Clara and I have made up our minds to get out there and run. So, this weekend, I am going to pick up some proper running footwear because heavy weight trail shoes and lightweight indoor soccer boots won’t work.

Cursing: well, I’d say I’ve improved. I have managed to make this blog a curse free zone. I am pretty good now at watching my words around Kale, although every now and again something slips out. Most of the time, it slips out when I’ve had a glass of wine or five or if I’m annoyed. I’d say I have done a really good job of cleaning up the trucker mouth but I think I can still get better. For someone whose professional tendencies indicate a large and sophisticated vocabulary, there has got to be better ways to say things than by dropping f-bombs. I’m going to keep working on this one.

I think I been successful at learning to let things go. Not only in the way I resolved – to not let things bug me and build up – but also in the way of letting go of toxic relationships and things I don’t need. I’m also comfortable letting go of some of my long held beliefs and being open to new ones. It’s been a good year, for me and for my family.

My resolutions for 2011 are simple:

  • Cultivate and harvest balance in everything.
  • Include more fitness in my life.
  • Talk less, listen more.
  • Get some freakin’ chickens.

Let’s review 2010, shall we?

We returned from our trip to Alberta and decided we’d had enough of Kale’s poor sleep. I’m happy with the route we chose and Kale is a champion sleeper now. Kale and I both got significant haircuts. We listed our house for sale, and that didn’t go as quickly and seamlessly as I planned.  I got some fancy custom made jeans I was less than thrilled with. Kale and I approached the topic of dead worms. Ross and I turned 36. We bought a house! Kale discovered “no”, as did I. We went on vacation! And it was glorious!  Kalepants got a big boy bed. I got deep into packing, and with it, getting rid of stuff. Mooki turned 11. I got a Diva Cup and was very pleased. We moved into our new place. Kale turned 2 – holy crap.  I had a chance to be crafty. I made some plum jelly. I began an online fiction collaboration project. I did some research into our house and gave you all a photo tour. We started (and then successfully finished) teaching Kale all about the potty. I wrote a 4 part series on what it’s like to work from home. Kale went to his first concert. I recovered our sunroom furniture. We ditched our microwave. Kale went as a salt and pepper shaker. I created a recipe page to share all my recipe posts with you. I remembered. I made a sweet arty weather station. I started a business with a very good friend and quit a job I’d had for 13 years. I went shopping. I decided to participate in #Reverb10 – and posted almost every day in December, reflecting on some funny and memorable stuff.

Kale got his own dustpan in his stocking.
Checking out a great new book.
Opening the big one! A pushbike!
Blender packaging is awesome. (Yes, I got a blender from Ross, and yes, I did ask for it)
New Year's Eve group shot

We had a great Christmas this year and we hosted a New Year’s Eve party that would rank up there as one of the best parties I have ever thrown, not because it was the talk of the town, or had a guest list of 300, but because I was surrounded by good friends and my family in a place I love. I laughed, I smiled, I toasted to the world. Welcome, 2011. Bring it.

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  1. Thanks again for inviting me to be part of your new years! I had a great time, loved the people I met.

    Let’s make many more hilarious memories in 2011. Snowshoeing at the end of this month to start?

  2. I read your 2009 post and before your resolutions you stated your goals for 2010 – to buy a house, to quit the job you hated – YOU DID IT! That’s huge, man.

    Happy McHappy!

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