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Note:  In December, I participated in Reverb10. It was this everyday blogging thing, with emailed prompts to get you going. My friend Clara liked it so much that she decided to keep going and has come up with BED11. It stands for Blogging Every Day in 2011. Said aloud it is BEDLAM. She encourages you to participate as well. I am going to participate when I can, when the mood strikes me to make time to write something. I really enjoyed the prompts in Reverb10, and I enjoyed making time for writing. Will I write every day in 2011? DOUBTFUL. But I like the idea so I’ll try.

Prompt: What one decision (voluntary or involuntary) changed your life the most? In other words, what did you do or not do that led you on this path in life?

In the early part of 2000’s, I lived in an apartment on Royal Avenue in New Westminster. I wrote a piece about the apartment for Tenth to the Fraser, the website I regularly contribute to here in town. I met Ross while living there, and I remember very clearly making up my mind to say hello to the good looking guy who lived in the apartment right next door. Next, I asked him to help me move a couch, and I invited him over to watch hockey. Ross and I became good friends first and started dating second and I truly believe the reason we are now married with a child and still very much in love is because we were friends first. I had never bothered to do that with any other boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong – I chased after the guy hoping he would show a romantic interest in me. I invited him to shows, auto events, hockey – everything I could come up with to spend time with him. He was smart, funny, good looking, and he showed very little romantic interest in me at first.

Choosing to chat up the guy next door is directly related to where I am now. I’m glad I did.

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  1. So ambitious! I keep telling my friends and family back home that I’m going to blog, send them the URL and tend to stop after 3 or 4 posts. Oops. I am trying again. At least I’m hoping to keep the Daily Cha photography project going.

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