Why I’m Banishing Facebook From My Phone

Today I made a decision that’s been niggling away at me for some time.  I’ve been spending too much time – pointless, frivolous, wasteful time – surfing around on Facebook. It’s right there on my phone, anytime I want to step outside my real life and voyeuristically scroll through friends, family, acquaintances, and whatever else I can just tap, tap, scroll.

I think Facebook is lazy and passive and I find I am happy to just read status updates rather than send an email or pick up a phone and ask how a friend is doing. Facebook doesn’t improve my social connections, either. I haven’t met anyone as a result of using Facebook. I don’t feel a sense of community as a result of using Facebook.

Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons by Franco Bouly

I use Facebook for work (both for the market and for Hyack Interactive) so I can’t actually just go ahead and delete my account. I need to update the market’s page with some regularity and I need to be able to work on future clients’ pages as well. And, let’s be honest… sometimes I actually enjoy a little time scrolling around. So, what I’m doing is scaling back. I’ve removed the application from my phone, and I’ve changed all of my settings so that notifications are not sent to me. If something happens on Facebook, it can just wait until I get there.

I feel a little hypocritical doing this – I spend a great deal of wasteful time on Twitter. But I find I feel engagement with Twitter and I can say I have made and met many friends as a result of Twitter. When one only has so much time to waste, why not waste it well?

Anyway, if you are a Facebook friend and find you haven’t heard from me, try another way.

11 years ago

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  1. I agree completely.
    I do not feel a need to be connected all the time. Hence why I’ve chosen not to have a data plan on my phone.

    Facebook is passive. Although, unlike you, I have met some great people thru it, in addition to renewing old friendships etc.

    Scaling back is key for sure. I’m finding more and more people are backing away from the crackbook and actually getting out and meeting those they follow/creep/etc.

    I refuse to let crackbook dicate how I stay in touch with friends. I make a point of picking up the phone, where as others I know will say.. if you cant reach me try facebook. Really? sigh.

    Good for you Jen!

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