Early Spring

Happy Groundhog Day!

As I mentioned, we hired a nanny to come one morning a week to deal with Kale while I either shut myself in the office or arrange for meetings. I found her by posting an ad online back in December on Craigslist. Really. She’s a wannabe grandma with an extensive background in education. She’s lovely. I pay her cash at the end of the month and she comes weekly. It’s working out well and her being here is giving me the time to do things like write these fascinating blog posts. I know, it is RIVETING.

This week we have my nephew visiting us. I don’t talk much about this nephew online – he’s adopted and his parents (my brother and sister in law) have asked that we keep our conversation (and photos) about him online to a minimum. But, suffice it to say he’s here, he’s so far fitting in just fine, I am unconcerned about how this will go. I was a little worried – anytime you add a kid into your household mix, even overnight, you are going to struggle. He’s an attention suck – good or bad attention, he will take it all. But we’re doing just fine.

Our Nanny is probably overwhelmed with the two boys – I kind of sprung it on her as she arrived that they were both here. I cancelled my meeting so that I can be here too, in case we need to double team. She’s not worried, and as I type this I can hear two boys going CRAZY out there but it seems there is some order to their play and I can hear her redirecting them if things escalate.

The cold that Kale had last week is back! Yay for colds I am so happy. Grumble grumble. All I can hear is him sneezing and snotting and it makes me mad. I don’t know why I get so offended that he’s picked up a bug – it happens and it there will be many more – but for some reason it irritates me.

I’ve been working on a number of bids for the business. I’m really hopeful we can land them because landing them means we have some sustained work for most of the first part of this year. My partner is making big steps in her life, too, that will allow her a bit more time to work on projects. The whole idea of owning a company is coming together in ways I didn’t really think about before.

So, this morning, 10 out of 14 ground dwelling critters predict an early spring. I already knew that because someone in this household already set off the early warning system and has started dropping clumps of fur like mad. Also, my lily of the valley has started to bloom.

It’s Shedding Season. Whee.
11 years ago


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