Tomorrow is the Suckyvention. Kale’s love of the Sucky has been well documented, although there aren’t many photos of the cursed thing around because truthfully – I have a love / hate relationship with it and while I can recognize how important it has been to ensuring my sucky little infant managed to not gnaw my nipple off and learned how to sleep, I do also see that I’m sort of embarrassed to have the world see this cursed piece of plastic.

It only comes out at sleeping time now or when he’s feeling cheeky he will scamper into his room and wander out triumphantly clacking away with the thing in his mouth. He doesn’t SUCK it anymore, either. And, frankly, it’s gross. There’s a dog hair stuck inside the thing. Gag.

We waited until Kale was (furiously searching my blog archives) about 4-6 weeks old before we introduced the Sucky. He loves this freaking thing and it’s come a lot of places with us.

First hike with Mommy, Daddy, and the Sucky.
Wait, you want me to sleep without the Sucky? Impossible.
Insistent that Mommy's new computer needed to take a picture of the Sucky.

And apparently I like to buy the same coloured ones. Huh.

Anyway, it’s been starting to get on my nerves a lot lately that we rely on this stupid chunk of plastic as heavily as we do and so, like other things, I am picking the thing I like the least and working to improve it. Kale really gets the concept of rewards. He potty trained quickly and near-effortlessly thank in part to Smarties and Skittles. We can still use a single Skittle to convince him to do something.

And so one of the most sought after rewards in this house is using my camera to take pictures. He’s not a budding Ansel Adams at this point, but he LOVES to take pictures of things and will wander around the house for ages taking shot after shot of stuff that only he sees the value in capturing. Thank goodness for digital photography but drat to the fact that I don’t want him to ruin my camera.

So. I had a brain wave. We started talking up the idea of giving up the Sucky. “You’re such a big boy, you don’t need a Sucky,” and  “It’s almost time to say goodbye to the Sucky”. I wanted to avoid telling him that it was gross, or that he was bad for wanting it, or that there was anything wrong with his attachment to the Sucky. But I want that thing gone – the very sound of it clacking around against his teeth is gross. He was suspicious at first, but we upped the ante and suggested that “how about we put the Sucky in a special bear and then it can still be close but you don’t need it anymore in your mouth?” He was still suspicious, but when I suggested that he could have his OWN CAMERA if he put the Sucky in the bear’s belly he went BONKERS.

For two weeks now, we’ve been talking up this idea, and for two weeks the very mention of it gets him totally excited about the idea of having 1) a special bear all his own and 2) his very own camera. So, tomorrow, we’re heading to Build-A-Bear for a family celebration as we tenderly place the one remaining Sucky into the special bear’s tummy. Kale can pick his bear and we’ll all say goodbye to the Sucky as we send it off to it’s plushy grave. This is going to be a very special bear to him, I’m sure, and I have a feeling the bear will be named “Sucky” anyway. And then we’re headed to choose Kale’s very own camera, his special reward for following through with saying goodbye to the Sucky. Watch for scintillating photos, I am sure.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, friends. It’s the end of an era.

Update: the Suckyvention was a total non event. Check out my update a week later.

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  1. I am excited about this on Kale’s behalf. That’s SO COOL.

    Great strategy, hope it works out for you. Enjoy the magical world of Build A Bear. They sell bear rollerskates. Truth.

  2. I am always intrigued by the various ideas that parents come up with to deal with getting rid of the “sucky”. Maybe I should write a book – or maybe you should! Anyhow, good luck with your great idea (and make sure those seams are sewn up really well on the bear!)

    Frieda, aka MamaZee

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