Soccer: I Play It

I went away two weekends ago to Squamish – the land of the pretty mountain, nutty weather, and apparently, not too shabby sushi. My teammates and I played a seven a side fun tournament and we won five for five games, and placed third out of twelve. Soccer is a brilliant game. It is relatively cheap, it is good exercise (there is no workout that can compare), and the season is very long.

Here’s some pictures:

Look! I'm standing around doing nothing!

I have to say, soccer uniforms are pretty much the least attractive article of clothing there is, unless you are 3 pounds. Note to self: no more ice cream. Holy cats.

Here we are talking strategy. Or bullshitting.

We are somewhat ragtag – our tops, socks, and shorts don’t match. Meh. Who cares?

Group Shot at the end of the tourney

Here are two iPhone photos I sent Ross and tweeted:

After game 3 (1-0) I was fairly muddy.
Mountains from the beer garden.

I have played soccer a long time. Here is a bonus soccer photo of me from like, a million years ago. I was in Grade 10. Check out this awesome hairdo:

Nice Swatch.
11 years ago