Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

One of the best things I acquired as a result of shacking up with Ross way back when, was this awesome mixer.

This is a picture of a pastel pink vintage hand mixer made by Mixmaster. It has a metal turquoise label.

This mixer is pretty amazing, really. I had my own when Ross and I moved in, and I was fairly defensive of its modern design and obvious superiority. But I quickly realized that actually, this oldie really was a goodie, and my hand mixer was quickly donated to the Sally Ann.

I pulled out the old mixer the other day to whip up a batch of my Favourite Cookiesâ„¢  and was charmed by its pastel pink and turquoise look, and the light in our kitchen is trés fantastique, if you know what I’m saying.

This is a close up of the metal label on the handle of a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster, a pastel pink hand mixer.
I really need to clean this thing.

This is a close up of the speed selector on the top of a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster, a pastel pink hand mixer.
Few choices makes it easier.
This is a close up of the turquoise metal label of a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster, a pastel pink hand mixer.
Simple enough instructions to follow!

It got me thinking that modern doesn’t necessarily mean better and sometimes the old is just as good as the new. There are a few other things in my life that I think they just don’t make like they used to:

This is a picture of an old brass doorknob on a white wooden door.
Brass doorknobs.
This is an antique grandmother clock (a clock that is designed to sit on a tabletop rather than standalone.)
Old clocks.
This is a photo of four old books in a white bookcase. The books are PHUNOLOGY, which is burgundy, GARDENERS AND BEEKEEPERS ANNUAL, which is pink, NOW WE ARE SIX which is blue, and THE HOUSE AT POOH CORNER which is yellow.
Old books.
This is a picture of my coffee table, which is actually an old cupboard door, with cast iron legs..
Old tables.

(Story about that table – Ross got it at an estate sale in Queens Park when he was first living in New West. We think it was an old cupboard door. It has cast iron legs. It is only about 13″ wide and about 4″ long and we have never been able to find anything we like more. I suspect we will have this table forever. )

What are your favourite old things? Share pictures!

10 years ago