It’s been a craptacular week.

The Canucks losing in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final (the second one I’ve lived in Vancouver to be a part of) has been overshadowed by Vancouver erupting into riots at the sound of the whistle. In fact, you can’t google Canucks Game 7 without reading a mention of the riots. The game has become a nothing, and I think that is a disservice to all the Canucks who played hard for the run to the cup. No one makes it to game seven of the Stanley Cup Final without being a good team. But no one remembers that now.

I am heartened by the actions of Vancouver residents to clean up the city and make it a good place, but I am still sickened when I see images of testosterone-filled, booze-fueled (pardon my French) motherfuckers destroying property, provoking fights, stabbing, and generally being cosmic dickwads. They are almost entirely white, they are almost entirely young, and many of them are wearing fashion brands like Ed Hardy, Tapout, and other “power brands”. I guarantee many of them wear Axe. I wonder how many of them are even Canucks fans. There is lots of speculation of how planned this was, how is was a convenient decoy for anarchists, or, conversely, how wrong that might be. I wonder if it was simply opportunity.

I’m still on the fence if I see the value in the urging of people to stay and film and photograph and use social media to catch those responsible, or whether I believe people should have spent all of their energy getting out of dodge – to hell with risking yourself and to hell with giving the rioters an audience to continue to play it up for. The riots have made me rethink whether professional sports are something I want to be a part of.

Kale has been a handful this week – I think he’s going through another developmental stage (when isn’t he?) and his charm is wearing thin. I’m sick again – DAMMIT – and am finally feeling the financial pinch that comes with being self employed after a long, cold winter. I’m sick of the weather, too. It’s nice today, but I don’t remember the last day that the weather was plain old sun – it’s been sunny breaks, cloudy periods, scattered showers, and generally unpredictable. I’m feeling cabin fever-y, a bit, but tired from the sickness and tired from the market.

I had minor surgery a week ago – surgery I underestimated its non-minorness apparently – and I had a cyst removed from my belly button and four stitches installed. I don’t know why I thought it would be a non-issue, but my tummy still aches and it still hurts to bend over. It’s healing, but so so so slowly.

Father’s Day always leaves me a little bit gloomy with Dad having died 5 years ago this coming Wednesday I always notice the loss.

Ross leaves tomorrow for the Ride to Conquer Cancer and he was inspired to do the Ride by his Mom’s recent successful battle with cancer. Today he tweeted:

And the tears came. I’m not sure where from, but they came. And they felt good and cleansing.

I’m meeting up with him in Seattle for a kid free overnighter on Sunday. We’re booked into a nice B&B and I can’t wait for some recharge time. I think we all need it.


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  1. Dude, I am so with you right now. The cloudy, grey weather, sickness, tiredness. getting honked at on the freeway accompanied by a masculine show of agression in the form of a fist shake….I just need some TLC.

  2. I want to wish Ross A great ride and Hopefully he enjoys the experience. As to the riots I cannot say how disappointed I am in what transpired. First I was angry that a few spoiled it for the many but now I am just really really disappointed. I agree you don’t get to the playoff without being at the top of your game but #$@!% happens and someone wins and someone loses. As I have said many times as many others have there’s always next year and don’t forget they gave use a great season.

  3. Aw. I’m sorry for all of it.

    But Ross. GO ROSS GO!

    If it helps, Eli referred to the farmers market as “Jen’s Market” yesterday. “Will Jen be there?” “Where’s Jen?” You have done so much many people appreciate it.

    Have a great mini holiday.

  4. hey to you in your craptacularness – i’ll get the trite comment out of the way first “this shall pass” and join you in moaning about our gloomy weather.

    re: developmental whatnots – ugh, but now at 8 my Wee Guy and I can spend a very pleasant mum and son evening at the art gallery (proof that it does pass).
    re: being sick, self employment and the market – ugh too, but you are making a great difference in the latter two (damn the former – take care)
    re: awesomeoneness – the whole family’s involved in the Ride – go team Arbo!

    ugh preachy or what? it does get better 🙂
    enjoy your night in Seattle – wishing you speedy recharging vibes

  5. Poor Canucks – I honestly felt bad for them when I turned on my computer to find out if they won or not the next morning (were not a hockey household, I thought the playoffs were weeks ago to be honest) and all I read about was the riots. Did they put out any kind of statement because if I were them I would have been super pissed off.

    Hopefully the world news is covering how awesome the people of Vancouver are being about the clean up though and I admit I have to laugh about how dumb those rioters must be to do this in an age of smart phones.

    Anyway, sorry your week is craptacular. I had a failed IUD attempt the other day which left me cramping for a couple days but other than that things are pretty much okay around here – I guess part of that is because Moira is always pushing my buttons and I’m so used to it?

    Yay for a weekend away! You deserve it.

  6. Was there something in the air? Because last week was craptacular for a LOT of people I know (*cough* everyone in my house, the crabby lot of us *cough*). Bleh.

    I’m sorry, I hope your weekend away helped clear things up!

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