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I have very little recollection of my life as a small child. Most of my memories come from about the age of 8 or so and afterward. A psychologist would likely find something in that as at age 8 my parents separated. However, today Amber Strocel, whose course Crafting My Life I took a few months ago, wrote a post called Ten Things I Hope My Kids Remember which resonated with me in particular today, so today I am going to tell you all about our weekend in the US of A, and then I’m going POST TWICE IN ONE DAY to tell you the Ten Things I Hope Kale Remembers. But first, some context: here’s me feeling super 100% awesome.


As you can see in the background, my child is still in his pajamas and he’s watching Ni Hao Kai-Lan which is a favourite. (Warning, auto play Nick Jr advertising on that website) because today? Today I CANNOT DEAL. Today will likely even be Diego day.

Anyway, as most of you know, Ross participated in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, although with 2,870 others. They started out in Cloverdale at some ridiculous hour Saturday morning, and rode on mostly quiet country roads to their first camping spot, Mt. Vernon. Ross surpassed his goal of raising $3200, and raised $4275 (and thank you so much for supporting him if you sent in a few bucks). Sunday they were up and at em’ and rode the rest of the way to Redmond.

Ross rode much of the way with our friend Graham, who has done the ride twice before this year. Graham documented the ride and you can check out his photos of the ride from his perspective here. Here’s the picture you probably all want to see:

This is a photo of Ross hoisting his bike over his head at the end of the Ride to Conquer Cancer 2011.
The Hoist - by Graham Ballantyne

Pretty sweet, eh? I left Sunday morning and hit the border around 10:30 or so. After some crazy moments when my planned route got waylaid (WHAT? THE SR 520 IS CLOSED OMG WHAT DO I DO?!) and likely 400 gajillion dollars in unexpected roaming charges while I tried to reroute pulled over in a no parking zone in downtown Seattle using the Maps app on my phone and had to call Ross to find out where in Redmond they actually were stopping, I arrived after they finished.

We headed back to the B&B we booked (note to future self: Ross after a 250 km bike ride is a pretty useless navigator), got cleaned up, and headed out for some dinner in the University District of Seattle. Tip! On Sundays, the Big Time Brewery has a deal where you get a giant pizza and a pitcher of beer for about $20. We also discovered that school is out, which is a good thing, because while walking through the neighbourhood to get to dinner, we realized the entire neighbourhood is populated by sorority and fraternity houses. As a result, the sidewalks are littered with garbage, many of the palatial multi-unit houses are in disrepair, and landscaping is an option. I wish I had read this from wikipedia while booking the place:

The University District is home to all of the UW’s fraternity and sorority houses, most of them clustered along 17th Avenue NE between NE 45th and 50th Streets (“Frat Row” or “Greek Row”). On Thursday (when many Greek parties are held to deter high-schoolers) and Friday nights, it is not uncommon for parties to spill out into the local streets within the area. This reputation draws many crashers, and most of the recent instances of gun violence, injury, and property damage at UW student parties have been due to party crashers getting ejected, in the context of readily available alcohol (and recreational drugs) at large student parties.

I will say that the B&B was very nice, high on a hill, overlooking the mountains and the food was fabulous. The room was nice, which was good, because poor tired Ross was asleep by 9 and I stayed up much later watching trashy television on American cable TV. Good. Times.

We drove home Monday, stopping at the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall to buy shoes! And then we drove to Burlington and bought MORE SHOES! I will say that Stowe’s Shoes and Clothing, the place in Burlington, is awesome.  And then we bought beer and came home.

It was a nice weekend. Being sick SUCKED a lot of the life out of the weekend, as did riding a bike 250 km while sick. But it was nice to get away and I really enjoyed the few hours of driving alone with the radio cranked, belting out Katy Perry songs like I could sing.

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