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I’m game. Clara and Ginger convinced me.

Ross gets up at ungodly o’clock and I usually hear him enough to stir but not enough to become awake. I generally get to sleep till 7 or 7:30 when Mr K Pants tiptoes into the room or wanders into the living room and crashes around. Sometimes I snooze for a few minutes but mostly I hop out of bed, make the bed, shower (every other day or so – my skin is really dry so I can’t shower daily), get dressed.

Kale is offered or begs for TV while I make tea and he usually gets a bowl of dry cereal (yeah, I dunno either) to nibble on though he sometimes takes me up on toast or fruit or yogurt. Yogurt is a “table breakfast” but the rest I leave him to his own devices in the living room while watching whatever annoying show is his new favourite du jour. This week, it’s that goddamned Diego.

I make tea, eat breakfast at the table, click around and read blogs, twitter, and my email. I answer everything I can while I eat, but mark things for later response if they are bigger than breakfast-email-reading time. Kale usually watches about an hour of TV, but somedays I let him have two. I feel guilt about this, but I use the time to throw on laundry, scrub toilets, finish proposals with crunching deadlines, make important calls and solve crises.

I usually shoo him down to the basement for train playtime after this (although it’s never hard to convince him), and check twitter using my phone while we’re down there. We also often go out at this point – I schedule play dates for mornings, usually, and occasionally errands, although I try hard not to drag Kale around on boring errands.

Lunch comes fast – we eat around 12:30 and Kale will play, or if I am feeling soft, watch 10 or 15 minutes of a show before nap. Naps are getting harder to make happen, although he’s about the start preschool in a week or two so I suspect that he’ll need the naps more. I go insane trying to get as much work done as possible (see my series about working from home) while he does nap – usually till 3 or 3:30. Very very very rarely, I get a chance to read a book if there just weirdly happens to be no work that needs my attention, but it happens so rarely. Often, if I find myself with a bit of free time during nap I do what I’m doing now – writing a blog post and farting around online.

Kale is up and thus begins the long slide till Daddy is home. We need to prep dinner and walk the dog and that doesn’t often jive with Kale’s desires to watch TV, bake, or play trains. We often argue about it and not shockingly, I win everyday.

Then it’s 5:30 and it’s handoff time. Ross walks in the door and I am OFF DUTY and I more or less turn my brain off. I make dinner – I find it somewhat therapeutic to complete tasks like cleaning and cooking and laundry – and enjoy listening to the rattle of chatter: “Daddy we found a rock look at my special rock I saved it for you it is so awesome Mooki doesn’t like it when I hug her too hard come play trains” without being involved in the chatter. This is when I noticed that every! single! word! Kale has is punctuated with an exclamation mark. If it’s nice, they might go outside in the yard leaving me to enjoy the peace.

We almost always eat together. It’s rare we don’t. It’s important to us both that we try. Ross and I generally finish first and then spend the rest of the meal convincing Kale he is big enough to use a spoon or fork and can feed himself. This is infuriating to both of us but we try to be very patient about it.

Then I often work, and Ross and Kale have a bath or a shower together and play till bed. Sometimes there is a bit of TV before bed, often 10 or 15 more minutes as a reward for cleaning up all his toys. He’s been good about sleeping lately (knock wood) and usually after he’s in bed (mostly Ross does it, but sometimes me, if Kale asks and I don’t have to go to a meeting or something) we occasionally get a chance to chat, talk house, and then we both usually pull out laptops and work if I am not rushing out the door for a meeting or some social time. If it’s Sunday we watch True Blood together and sometimes friends join us.  Ross usually goes to bed before me and I often stay up and read until my eyes stop focussing on the words. I’m saving up for a Kobo so that I can ditch my reading light.

Wednesday mornings we have a nanny who comes here, so I get a big block of time to work. Thursdays the entire day is a mess because I leave for the market right after Kale eats lunch and the nanny puts him to sleep. This all changes in a week or two when he starts preschool.

Like everything with kids, it always changes.

I like my days. They are easy and relaxed. I sometimes feel a little isolated and I regularly invite some of my work from home friends over for lunch or afternoon tea but I generally enjoy hanging out with Kale. He’s quite quickly become my best friend.



10 years ago


  1. Your day sounds infinitely more productive than mine 😉 I sometimes wander around here wondering what I’ve done all day because it looks like toys, mail and dishes exploded. (That may be a slight exaggeration, maybe.) I lack structure in my day, so things just seem to fall apart.
    I hear you on the tv thing, watching a half hour or an hour in the morning has saved me during our most recent round of teething!

  2. I am so enjoying everyone’s days! I love seeing what we have in common (blogs, smart phones, and farting around online) and what we don’t. It’s so much fun!

    I have mad props for all of you who work from home (my husband included) with a kid. All hail the mighty nap.

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