Kale starts preschool next week, and I’ve spent the better part of this past two weeks attempting to remember to put together his little kit that the school is requesting we supply.

Post dated cheques for the entire school year? Check. A gajillion repetitive forms that have been photocopied a hundred times over and are hard to read? Check. (Also, note to self, offer to put these people online and develop an email newsletter and new clean non-repetitive forms? CHECK.)

I still need to pick up a pair of inside shoes. They specify “slip on or Velcro shoes with a rubber sole that the child can get on and off by themselves”. Kale has some suede soled slippers I was thinking of sending, but then I read the “rubber part”. None of the shoes we own are clean enough to be deemed “indoor” shoes, let alone shoes Kale is capable of pulling on and off himself – he struggles with the tongue of shoes. I don’t honestly think they will stand over him and not help him with his shoes, but I’d like to start off by sending the kind of shoes they are hoping to see. So, we need to buy a pair of shoes this weekend that meet all their needs.

They’ve also asked for us to prepare an earthquake kit, including 6 juice boxes, 6 granola bars, a picture of the family and a letter from mom and dad. I get this – I think this type of action is lip service, however, but I’ll play along. I live within a 15 minute walk of the preschool, and I’m home during the day. Chances are, I’ll be sitting in a park or coffee shop close by and should the big one hit, I’m not terribly worried that I won’t be able to get to Kale. Is there a chance both Ross and I die? Yup, of course. But some juice boxes, granola bars, a photo and a letter is not going to make it all better should that happen. But whatever, I can play along and provide these items in a recloseable plastic storage bag with his name clearly marked. We don’t usually buy juice boxes, but whatever, no problem.

The last part we’ve been requested to provide is a change of clothes, all labelled with his name. I don’t have an issue with this and selected a few of the “less favourite” items from his drawers to become a part of a kit that gathers dust in his little cubby. But they’ve also asked we include yet another pair of (name labelled) shoes. This annoys me. How many pairs of shoes do I need to relegate to the 2.5 hours a day Kale will spend at the preschool? Shoes are expensive and when one outgrows them before they wear out, I don’t buy Kale a lot of shoes. He has two pairs of everyday shoes, a pair of rubber gumboots, a pair of sandals he doesn’t like (GRASS GETS IN THEM!!), and a pair of water shoes. None of those shoes were purchased new, except for the water shoes. They were all hand me downs in good shape. I have another three pairs of shoes for the future in storage, but they are all too big.

Why so many shoes? Especially shoes that are going to sit in a recloseable plastic storage bag in a cubby at a place Kale will be going to twelve and a half hours a week? I just don’t get it. And, related: man, kids are expensive.

So…. shoe recommendations?



Photo of shoes by Hopefoot via Flickr

10 years ago


  1. Kidsteals archive! DC shoes like $14.99-22.99? Also, Aidan preschool just asks they wear slippers inside, more for hygiene, seems weird to have so many requests, but I guess that’s the city!! 😉

  2. I should probably read through all of Moira’s preschool stuff and figure out what she needs. We did go shopping yesterday though and bought her two pairs of shoes (both she will need help with) because she was down to a pair of sandals that are totally worn out and some rainboots. Thankfully her grandma bought her the shoes since she has my long and narrow and Expensive feet. One of the pairs of shoes were Converse with two velcro straps on them (that can be tightened a lot for skinny feet) but they did have other ones that just had a strip of velcro on the side that attached to the tounge which would probably be easier for little hands to put on themselves (with the ones I got Moira the tongue gets messed up but it’s only day 2 and she will figure it out). However, these shoes were expensive – $44 for toddler shoes! It’s a good thing grandma likes to spend money – and I have the added benefit of thinking these will last for the next child (they probably won’t but I like to delude myself). Tom’s shoes makes slip-ons with single velcro strap.

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