Well, the wait is finally over. Our chickens have started to produce. There was much excitement for that first egg- it was unexpected, and I posted status updates to Twitter and Facebook and it even warranted a call to Ross to exclaim ” THE CHICKENS HAVE LAID AN EGG!”.

Kale was very proud of the egg, too. We scooped it up preciously and had to take pictures for posterity. I was surprised at how perfectly formed it was. I was half expecting the shell to be rough or uneven, but it is smooth, and a lovely shade of creamy browny-pink.

The chickens laid one egg on September 6th, another on September 8th, and then we went away for the weekend. Our house and Moo-sitter exclaimed there were TWO eggs in there on the Saturday morning, and another Sunday. Again, one more today. The hens are finally real chickens! Pullets no more.

Is it weird if I am a little proud of them?

Eggs Number 3 through 6.
10 years ago


  1. Hi Jen,
    We also just adopted 3 chickens last week. I check everyday for eggs, it is sooooo exciting to find them. They are cool. Congrats.

  2. Howdy Jen ! Was sifting my baklog of tweets and saw yur egg & chicken chatter ! Pics look realy nice they got bright red combs wich shows of good healthy
    FYI – the fraser valley poultry club is having its winter show in oct 1 & 2 this year @ the agrodome building in abbotsford, come on down if U can make it and tell any of the other uptown chicken folks u know ! and on the 18th we have the queensboro urban fall fare and U can enter in ur eggs 4 show ! U need 2 do it in groups of best 3 sorta thing. I use2 enter all sorts of stuff like watermelons giant pumpkins and purple carrots but cing as the way she goes with the water problems bt i still particepate with eggs and that hey U know it would B kool 2 have our own #newwest chicken&duck show some day btw it still looks like u need a rooster ErrAhhOoooOOoooOO 🙂 Ok take care !

  3. Fresh eggs right from your backyard FTW! Way to go chickens!

    And also, Kale is so adorable and looks SO grown up in these pics.

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