Jeggings: A Sign

Today I was walking home from the preschool drop off that has become our morning routine. I treat myself to a small chai from Starbucks once a week (despite the fact that I can make it myself, it still tastes better when someone else makes it) and I tweeted:

It’s that last word I am kind of laughing at myself about. This is the conversation I have with myself, you guys: “Jeggings? Yeah, I wear them. Seriously? Yeah but they’re so comfy!”

For the benefit of my mom, who probably doesn’t know what jeggings are, these are denim leggings. They’ve also evolved into cotton leggings printed to look like denim, but they are meant to simply be really tight and thin ankled jean leggings. I bought my pair at a garage sale, of all places, brand new, for $1. Really. The brand is some brand I’ve never heard of, and I like them because they have back pockets and (Yeah, I’m gonna admit this) an elastic waist band, and so they feel like yoga pants. I own a single pair of yoga pants, which I wear for (of all the crazy places) the occasional yoga class I manage to make it to.

Here’s me in my West Coast Mom Army uniform (Never mind the looking off into the universe look on my face. Also, here is a better looking photo that the flash didn’t go off for, thus rendering it useless to illustrate the outfit but definitely nicer lighting) :

Jeggings. Yet another thing I swore I’d never do, although with let Kale watch TV, swear in front of my kid, or give gifts from Santa.



10 years ago


  1. LOL! it was velour Juicy Coutour matching track suits up here, and now it’s head-to-toe lululemon. if i wear a skirt/dress i get asked if i’m going to work or to an interview or ‘out’. not sure how today’s ensemble went down as i’m off to a gallery opening then the opera after college this evening.

  2. Mom uniform. I think I should do a post about that. I rotate between a couple outfits – none of which are particularly flattering. No jeggings though but that’s probably because I wouldn’t know where to get them even if I wanted them. I did, however, score two pairs of $250 jeans today for free. They are inherited from my 22-year old nephew who has stopped doing so many drugs and now eats occasionally so he can’t fit them anymore. $250 jeans? That’s what drugs will do to you.

  3. You’ve got that Newsleader shot-from-below thing going on! You look like you’re going to stage a coup with your army behind you.

    I can’t believe you got jeggings for a dollar. How can you not wear them.

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