Happy Halloween!

We woke this morning from our candy coma and the world has been covered in frost. Welcome, cold weather.

Last night for Halloween it was chilly, but not freezing, and a bit windy. Kale and Ross went out trick or treating and I stayed home with the terrified dog and handed out candy to a record seven kids. When we bought our house we realized we were the only family with young children but now I see a few more faces and I guess they are going to malls or perhaps to other neighbourhoods. I am sad by this. My friend Kathleen blogged about it the other day, about how it (and I’m paraphrasing here) feels a little bit like cheating. I’m a fan of doing the around the block although last year and this year I did candy-giving-out-and-dog-consoling duty.

Anyway, Kale was an owl, a costume idea from Alphamom.com. I bought a $1 black turtleneck from the thrift shop, sewed on a gajillion little triangles made from fabric scraps in my stash, and then used his existing sunglasses with a cardboard face taped to it. I love this costume because it isn’t fussy, it wasn’t hard to make (although cutting out the triangles was kinda boring) and because he could move and play like normal in it. It was also suitable for wearing over a coat if necessary but oh-ho-ho! We live on the West Coast so it was nothing more than a sweater for our boy. Anyway… pictures:

Hoot! I am an owl.


Pumpkin "with the ROUND OPEN MOUTH MOMMY!"


Pumpkin numero dos


Pumpkin numero dos


Happy smiley pumpkin - Kale's favourite.


Skeleton light string


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  1. Neat costume and your right that must have been boring. Don’t you have electric scissors? That would have done the trick. Nice pumpkins. I think Foster Park won out this year as we had a record 15 kids but most were older. Not many little ones only 4.

  2. I love your what you did to the pumpkin! Thanks for sharing the great picture.. I really love it!

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