Treasures: Tattered Recipe Collection

There are not a lot of things that I consider to be heirlooms. I am not really a sentimental object type of person and I don’t feel obligated to keep stuff just because someone else once owned it. Kale has a small tattered cardboard Christmas box someone gave him that he fills with “treasures” – found objects, pretty rocks, a ticket from the hockey game we just went to… He is truly in love with his treasure box and we regularly have to pull the treasures out and look at them one by one. It got me thinking about my own few treasures.

This is the first in a series of posts showing them off. Some of their value is a little hard for others to see, and you might think to yourself that what I am showing off is better off in the trash. That’s okay, sometimes I laugh at myself at the stuff I do latch on to. 

One of my treasures from my Nana (my mom’s mom, who is now deceased) is a tattered recipe book called “Wellington, British Columbia: Personal Recipes by the Evening Circle Women’s Association of United Church”. I don’t know how old this book is, but it contains some of the most simple and wonderful recipes. It uses some words I have never heard before in relation to food – like “scant“.

Love the four digit phone number.

Outside of # 5 I am totally down with this list.
I remember visiting this lady.
Not shocking to see this in there. One of these recipe contributors might very well have invented them.
This was my Nana's recipe. They are awesome. And I hate coconut.
10 years ago


  1. What is the name listed under Nanaimo Bars? Can you tell what year this was published?

    We have a family legend that my grandmother Ruth Foster invented Nanaimo Bars. She raised my dad and uncle in Nanaimo and earned petty cash and other trinkets by enterting contests listed in newspapers and on product packages. While we believe that she submitted a ‘slice’ type recipe to the Vancouver Sun which was a modification of a recipe from the Fannie Farmer cookbook, diligent searching of Vancouver Sun microfiche at the VPL has proved fruitless. Ruth died when my dad was a pre-teen, so she’s not available for asking 😉

    I don’t think that any of them attended church regularly, but I’d have to ask Dad. Would have been along the lines of United if they did. Depending on the approximate date of this collection it may help prove or disprove our theory!

    1. The Nanaimo bars was submitted by Shirley Galloway. I can’t find any dates at all on this booklet, my mom (who will likely chime in) might know approximately how old it is.

  2. That book was my mom’s mainstay. Most of the recipe submitters have passed on but I can tell who was the best baker for each submission. By the way I wondered where that went to. Did you copy all of the recipes onto the cards? The church on the front has now be changed from an United Church to a Russian orthodox or something like that. We attended regularly although we were Anglican but the Anglican Church it was too far to go. (downtown Nanaimo) ha ha All of the ladies in the book were part of mom and dad’s life through all the years. It is quite a memory and I am glad you have kept it. I think it was printed in mid 1950’s. around 54 I think. I think it was a fundraiser and sold for around $2. Pretty pricey. I would have been 8 to 10 or so maybe. You figure from there.

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