When Kale is sick I pretty much give him whatever he asks for. Grapes? Check. Cheesy crackers? Sure. Milk? Whatever. There will come a point when he will lose his appetite and I know I will worry and fret that he needs a little bit more in his belly to help fuel the fight against whatever bug he’s managed to pick up.

Kale awoke fully engulfed in the snots and the bless-yous and has a fairly decent cough. I kept him home from school today and I was trying to decide if he and I should go out and pick up a few things to just get out of the house. But as quickly as I decided we would, I changed my mind because he is definitely sick.

Ways I know Kale is sick:

  • he requests to be tucked in on the couch
  • he asks me to join him and snuggle
  • he doesn’t ham it up for the camera

That last one is the real teller though. Normally I pull out a camera and I have to get him to slow down the “CHEESE!” face. Poor dude. He doesn’t get sick often.

For those of you asking, the sewer main has been repaired. I’ve written an update to this post telling you all about the remainder of the saga, so go check it out!

10 years ago

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